Youtooz Youtubers: The New Era of Collectibles

The world of collectibles has seen a new addition in recent years – Youtooz Youtubers. These collectible figures have taken the internet by storm, with people of all ages and interests jumping at the chance to own their favorite creators in miniature form. But what exactly are Youtooz Youtubers, and why have they become so popular? This article will delve into the world of Youtooz Youtubers, exploring their history, their appeal, and their impact on the world of collecting.

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History of Youtooz Youtubers

The Birth of Youtooz

Youtooz was founded in 2019 by Austin Long, Jacob Mohorn, and Matt Arevalo. The idea was simple – create collectible figures based on internet culture, with a focus on creators and influencers. The first Youtooz figures were released in May 2019, featuring popular YouTubers like Pyrocynical, Dolan Dark, and Grandayy.

The Rise of Youtooz Youtubers

Since their inception, Youtooz Youtubers have seen a rapid rise in popularity. With each new release, fans clamor to get their hands on the latest figurine. Youtooz has partnered with a wide variety of creators, from gamers to musicians to artists. The figures are designed to capture the essence of each creator, with intricate details and unique accessories that set them apart.

Why Youtooz Youtubers are so popular


One reason for the popularity of Youtooz Youtubers is nostalgia. Many collectors grew up watching these YouTubers, and owning a figure is a way to relive those memories. Youtooz has also tapped into nostalgia by releasing figures based on classic memes and internet phenomena, such as “Stonks Guy” and “Bad Luck Brian”.

Limited Editions

Another factor contributing to the popularity of Youtooz Youtubers is the limited edition nature of the figures. Each figure is only produced in a certain quantity, and once they sell out, they’re gone for good. This creates a sense of exclusivity and urgency, with collectors rushing to buy a figure before it’s too late.

Community Building

Youtooz Youtubers have also become popular because of the sense of community they create. Collectors often share pictures of their collections online, and Youtooz has even created a Discord server where fans can chat and connect with each other. Owning a Youtooz figure is a way to feel connected to a larger community of fans.

Impact of Youtooz Youtubers on the Collecting World

New Demographic

Youtooz Youtubers have brought a new demographic into the world of collecting. Many of their fans are young people who may not have been interested in traditional collectibles before. Youtooz has made collecting accessible and fun for a new generation.

Blurring of Lines

The popularity of Youtooz Youtubers has also blurred the lines between creators and collectors. Youtubers who once solely created content are now also part of the collectibles market, with their own merchandise lines. This has created a new avenue for creators to monetize their brand and expand their reach.


In conclusion, Youtooz Youtubers have become a cultural phenomenon in the world of collecting. Their nostalgic appeal, limited edition nature, and community building have contributed to their popularity. Youtooz has brought a new