Yalda Safai: Mental Health Practitioner and Advocate

Dr. Safai describes herself as adaptable and durable. She also provides medical care in rural areas. She also teaches healthcare in schools in the United mental health States and Central America to children.

Dr. Safai discusses her reasons for entering the medical field. Safai states that she was first drawn to the field because of the immense need” for mental health¬†providers. Because of the stigma surrounding mental illness and lack of treatment, I decided to dedicate my whole life to this field.

Our society is obsessed with success and we feel guilty if we fail to achieve our goals.

Dr. Safai stated that doctors are concerned about the professional consequences of seeking mental health care. These questions are still used in professional applications for licensure and disability, as well as employment.

Doctors are subject to stigma. This is a wonderful thing, but it has also raised expectations for doctors.

Dr. Dr. ” This is the type of depression professionals like you and I struggle with in silence. It’s incredibly hard to treat and difficult to spot as the patients are high functioning and don’t appear as though they are suffering/are not believed when they disclose their struggles to family/friends/coworkers. High-functioning people are more likely to suffer from stigma. Mental illness is often misunderstood, and often not treated. I will dedicate my efforts to making their lives easier.

  1. My passion is to end mental health stigma and increase awareness. The media has a huge influence on changing perspectives and shaping literacy. This is why I want to be part of the media.

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