Wood Floors In Southwest Ranches: Types Of Wooden Floors For The House

Do you love wooden floors? Are you planning to renovate the floor of your house? It is normal, summer is the best time for it, and many people take the opportunity to renovate homes like Wood Floors Southwest Ranches.

That is why we will tell you about the most hand-me-down floors and help you choose the flooring that best suits your needs and, of course, your tastes.

Why choose Wood Floors Southwest Ranches?

There are solid wood, floating floors, porcelain imitating wood, laminates, and parquet. What a dilemma!

We are crazy about wooden floors in all their versions. And it is that wood is always a trend; it never goes out of style.

Wood floors provide warmth, comfort, and well-being, it offers a unique home feeling, and that emotion of entering the house and feeling comfortable is great. For this reason, we recommend using wood on the floors to create the most welcoming home.

It is also a very versatile, resistant material, with great aesthetic possibilities, different finishes, and installation methods.

There are floors with different finishes, shapes, and color ranges!

However, we recommend you use the type of floor depending on the use you will give it. A house with children and pets is not the same. A room with more “traffic” such as the corridor, the living room, or the kitchen than the less frequented bedrooms, even the bathroom floor exposed to more humidity. Therefore, before choosing a floor, you have to consider the use you will give it to choose the most suitable type of floor in each case.

What type of flooring is recommended for each room in my house?

  • Porcelain floor in imitation wood bathroom

They are floors that imitate wood. It is an increasingly used option because it is a very resistant material that can be used in all house rooms, including bathrooms and kitchen.

It can even be placed on outdoor terraces. There is the possibility that it could be non-slip flooring for an outdoor terrace with a similar finish to the home’s interior.

Also, it is an ideal option for under floor heating due to its high quality, durability, and optimal operation with under floor heating that favors the passage of heat.

Wood Floors Southwest Ranches also offers a wide color range in shades of grey, lighter or darker wood, ideal for any room.

  • Solid wood

Solid wood has always been, is, and will be a very resistant option for floors, natural and elegant on its own. It is ideal to combine with under floor heating and create a warm atmosphere.

Solid wood floors are durable and have a natural effect but are not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms as moisture can damage the wood.

Of course, they withstand time very well, thanks to their thickness. It is a long-term investment and allows subsequent repairs such as varnishing or sanding. Keep in mind that solid wood floors accept different shapes when laid to achieve different formats, such as solid nailed batten or herringbone. We are very fans of the herringbone shape.

In any case, opting for solid wood floors in Southwest Ranches will always look beautiful and increase the property’s value.

  • Floating floors

The floor is not fixed but rests on the existing floor or level ground. Therefore, if the floor is not perfectly level, it can give a feeling of mobility.

It is placed independently of the structure on insulation to prevent noise transmission and is also suitable for under floor heating. It is composed of slats that are joined together with a click-type mechanism without the need for adhesive. It is the simplest, cheapest, and most common system in multilayer parquet and laminate flooring, although there are also solid platforms that incorporate it. It is an aesthetically beautiful system, but it can sometimes generate noise when walking.

However, there are many more in Wood Floors Southwest Ranches Everything will depend on the needs of each one-the use and the available budget.

As in everything, there are options for all tastes. And, are you also a fan of wooden floors group?