Will there be Game of Thrones in Fortnite?

Since the ice storm fell on the Island of Fornite -season 7- rumors about a possible crossover between Game of Thrones and Fornite have been unleashed on the Internet. The truth is that you don’t have to be very observant to discover disturbing coincidences between both of them.

What do Fornite and Game of Thrones have in common ? Popularity and fashion for sure, but there is much more that seems to unite both universes and that in the dreams of many fans are indisputable keys that the connection between both phenomena is as close as winter.

Fortnite and Game of Thrones: Winter is coming

The ice storm event has covered the Island. Fornite gamers are witnesses that winter has definitely arrived -week 7- which makes the weather and season of the year coincide with the game and the series.

The Ice Strom challenges are being released in each new day -24 hours- and require dedication and time as alerted between players. Among these, there are references that any Game of Thrones fan will recognize.

Polar Peak is Winterfell

No one has confirmed that Polar Peak is Winterfell , but it could be and although the white castle has not been seen at the moment in Fornite , some fan has managed to recreate the Castle Black of Game of Thrones in a simulation.

King of Ice

In Fornite 7 the Ice King has already been mentioned and he looks suspiciously like the Night King who is supposed – in view of the end of the seventh season – is going to star in the last season of Game of Thrones, whose premiere date is already official: it will be on April 15 in Spain (link to content published on the channel)

ice throne

The gamers who have already passed through the throne room of Pico Polar, it is difficult for them not to have fallen into the aesthetic similarities that the Ice Throne has with the legendary one that we have seen and desired so much in Game of Thrones.

dragon eggs

Beneath the ice throne, data miners have found huge, seemingly dragon eggs that definitely bring to mind Daenerys and her faithful flying children. The dragons in Fornite, therefore, are hidden under the Ice Throne. Do you await the arrival of the Ice King? It is not a matter of spoiling the end of the seventh season of Games of Thrones , but if you have already seen it, there are plenty of explanations about this convergence between kings and dragons.

white walkers

White zombies have not been seen in Fornite , but the cube monsters at the end of the sixth season are for many fans a perfect inspiration to work on, if the crossover between Games of Thrones and Fornite is definitely in the creation phase. The arrival of white walkers at the command of the Ice King is a very valid possibility.

Only Hype around the Fornite event and Game of Thrones

There is no agreement between HBO and Epic Games or at least no official news about it. While fans of the two most famous universes of recent times enjoy, but there is nothing definitive or official that can confirm an event in Fornite on Game of Thrones.

The official date of the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones is also getting closer every day, which portends that the crossover is either already very advanced or it would not make much sense, if it does not arrive as a prelude to the most anticipated outcome of the last time.