Why You Should Consider Painting Your Concrete Floor

You should read this to get some inspiration if you are thinking of painting your concrete floor. The drab grey, spotty, and dusty-looking floor of yours can be easily remodelled. It only requires a small bit of effort; prior experience is not required.

If you are still contemplating about it, read below the top reasons why you should go ahead and paint your concrete floor.

It adds another layer of protection for your floor

Your concrete will now be more resistant to oil stains, chemicals, water, mould, and mildew than bare concrete, but it is still depending on the type of paint you select. Without worrying that it would discolour the floor, spills can be quickly removed. Sponge and some cleaning solution can be used to clear up tougher stains.

It is affordable and easy to do

It costs next to nothing to paint concrete floors. Latex acrylic concrete floor paint typically costs just over $30 per gallon. Most room flooring can be painted with two gallons or less. If you know how to use a roller paint brush, then you already have all the experience needed to paint your concrete floor.

It helps to keep your house clean

Concrete has pores that hold dust and debris which could transfer to bare feet and shoes especially if you have children who frequently play outside. Dust, dirt, and grime won’t accumulate on the floor if there is paint applied to the surface because it is so simple clean and keep clean. As a result, substantially less dirt is tracked inside your home.

It will make any room look brighter

Painting Your Concrete Floor
image source: pixabay

In contrast to painted surfaces, bare concrete tends to absorb light rather than reflect it. The reflecting light thus tends to make the room brighter. This is one of the concerns of homeowners with regards to their kitchen. Since families tend to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen, you would want yours to be brighter and a conducive place for hanging out. You could do so just by painting your concrete floor to be light reflective.

It is simple to maintain and clean

All that is necessary is to sweep the entire floor using a straightforward broom. You will find much less dirt on the surface because the paint coating has made the concrete dust-free, and the smooth finish is simple to clean. A mop with bucket of water and soap will also suffice.

It makes your floor look aesthetically pleasing

A painted floor undeniably transforms the appearance of a room. Instead of cringing at the sight of a dingy and drab floor, transform it into something you can be proud of when you see every day.

Don’t forget to conduct a quick and simple moisture test before to beginning your project. Although it does need some work, applying this type of coating to your floor is simple and affordable. You must take the necessary precautions to properly clean your concrete, and schedule a weekend to complete the project.