7 Best Answers to “Why we should hire you for this job?”

You’ve made your resume, dotted all the “Is” and minded all your “Ps” and “Qs” sent it in and now they’re asking you to come in for an interview. Chances are that in your interview you won’t just be asked stuff your potential Employer already knows. They have your resume and therefore they know all your Work History, Skills for a resume, Education, etc. Now they may quiz you about random aspects of the job, Assuming you haven’t lied on your resume, these should be pretty easy to answer. Now comes the hard part, it is not uncommon for employers to ask interviewees abstract questions to see their motivation behind applying for the job, and answers to these questions can mean the difference between employment or rejection.

One of the most common questions Employers love asking is “What makes you the best candidate for this job?” there are several ways to answer this question. 7 ways to be exact and in this article, we will go over each one of them one by one and explore the reasoning behind the answers. So let’s get started.

Work Experience 

As mentioned before there are many different ways to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”. Now, one of the most crucial parts of your resume is the Work Experience section. Employers are especially interested in this because they want the best candidate for the job that they can get their hands on, someone who doesn’t need to be trained and thus won’t cost the company any resources. Therefore candidates can refer them to their Work Experience which should reflect how the candidate has knowledge of the job itself and is more than capable of the duties that come with it. 

“The work experience on my resume clearly shows my ability to “Work History 1”, “Work History 2” and “Work History 3”. My career so far has given me a better insight into ins and outs of the industry and its navigation”  

Skills to put on a resume

You’ve already listed the skills to put on a resume for that particular job. You can always use these in your answer to show your specialization, talent, and abilities to wow your potential employers. This trick is especially useful if you have limited or no work experience. You should expand on the degree of your skill and how you have been able to use them in pat careers or otherwise. Show them that you’re unmatched with your expertise and create value for yourself.

“My expertise in “Skill 1”, “Skill 2” and “Skill 3” makes my resume one of a kind as you will not find many other candidates that bring this much to the table.”

Matching the Job Description 

Another way of answering the question in question is to refer to the job description of the job listing and explain how your portfolio matches up with the employer’s wants and needs. This is an excellent option if you’re unsure about which Work History or Skills for a resume for that job are relevant to the employer. They asked for it and you are capable of providing it, it’s a no-brainer.

“Your job description asked for a candidate that can “Ability 1”, “Ability 2” and “Ability 3” with “X” years of experience and I fulfill these criteria exactly so what makes me the best fit for the job is exactly what you think makes a candidate the best fit for the job.”

A holistic overview of your career and experiences 

You can expand on your career and experience in a particular industry and what you have learned and what you plan on achieving with the job in question. Be detailed and thorough with your answer and your aspirations and show the employers exactly how you are of value to them.

“I enjoy my work and believe in putting my best put forwards for all that is asked of me in any employment engagement, I believe I’m more than capable of taking on the responsibility and learning along the way that which I don’t know. My resume will always have more space for newly developed skills and experiences.” 

Enthusiasm for the Company Understanding of the Industry

Similarly, you can use your industry knowledge to impress the interviewer by clearly illustrating your value. You can show them exactly where they are lacking and what you can do for them. In addition to this, you can show your passion for the job and the company alike and convince them that your interest, values, and vision align to create harmonious employment.

“I have been following “Name of Company” for a while now and love your passion and commitment to the industry. You are innovators and so am I and I believe the company’s goals and mine are the same and that is why I am the best candidate.”

Futuristic Thinker

You can consider an answer that not only illustrates what you can do but exactly what you plan on doing in the future. You can expand on your aspirations and intentions all the while explaining where the industry is heading and how you plan on guiding the company into the future. Employers love candidates that can add to the company’s value empirically.

“The world of “Name of Industry” is ever evolving and without change, all current competitors will go the way of the dinosaur soon. I believe your company is not afraid of change and neither am I. I plan on innovation and optimization and I believe I have the best shot of doing that with you guys.”

Brutally Honest

This answer is a bit difficult to navigate and requires quite a bit of confidence and the margin of error is none. You can let the employer know that you’re a no-nonsense candidate by giving a straightforward answer which shows your clear short and long-term intentions, what you expect from the company, and what the company should expect from you. 

Brutal honesty in no way means going “I need to pay rent, that’s why” it simply means that you’re not the kind of person to have ideological plans but are more of a pragmatic employee that has certain expectations and based on their work experience, skills for a resume and career thus far expects results and is more than happy to walk away if those aren’t met.

“I will be honest with you guys, I don’t know if my resume makes me the best candidate but I do believe in results, and using my experience, persistence, and prowess I believe I can significantly contribute to the output of the company directly. If that is what you’re looking for in a candidate then I’m your guy.

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