Why to purchase Amla capsules?

With immense support for the heart, Amla extract capsules can help to reduce cholesterol levels, promote a healthy cardiovascular system and prevent the risk of heart disease. This is one of many benefits that Amla provides for general health. Apart from these important physical benefits, Amla has also been found to have significant spiritual benefits associated with it. It belongs to an Ayurvedic group of natural remedies called Rasayanas which are considered to be rejuvenating or restorative medicines and also believed by some Hindu Yogis as mediation-enhancing agents in Ayurveda.


  1. Improves heart conditions.

Amla is well-known to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It helps in preventing and curing cardiac related diseases including weakness of heart, hypertension, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and others. Studies on animals have shown its positive influence on reducing cholesterol levels in the blood as well as its cholesterol content in the liver cells by up to 80%. It may also be effective against atherosclerosis by improving the elasticity of arteries and thereby reducing high blood pressure.


  1. 2. Boosts Memory & Brain Function.

Amla is often called a brain tonic for its beneficial effect on memory, concentration, thinking power and other cognitive functions. It contains antioxidant compounds which prevent harmful damage to brain cells, and may also stimulate healthy development and growth of nerve cells. It promotes a feeling of calm and peace. Ayurvedic texts have traditionally recommended it as a brain tonic for enhancing memory, intelligence and concentration.

Amla is often called the “fruit of knowledge” because of its association with wisdom in Hindu culture. According to Ayurvedic texts, drinking Amla juice regularly can help to develop “dhi” or mental power. The best Amla capsules are also to increase the level of vital enzymes in the brain that triggers higher states of consciousness or changes in perception during meditation.


  1. Helps maintain vision.

Amla is also believed to be beneficial for the eye due to its antioxidant activity. It contains high levels of vitamin A and provitamin A which prevents vision loss due to lack of these essential nutrients. Amla is one of the best herbs that can help in the treatment of cataracts.


  1. Improves skin health.

Amla has a lot of antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory properties which protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, chemicals and pollutants. It slows down aging and helps maintain young, healthy looking skin as long as we consume it regularly in our diet. In fact, research on mice found that amla protects mice against UV rays by up to 80%.


  1. Acts as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle herb.

Amla is also considered effective in reducing aging signs and preventing wrinkles due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and astringent properties that can tone the skin and reverse signs of aging.Amla has been traditionally used for strengthening hair roots, removing dandruff and promoting healthy growth of hair.



Ayurvedic texts mention Amla as one of the best “Rasayana” herbs or Ayurvedic rejuvenating herbs. It is considered to be effective in combating aging, prolonging life and promoting good health based on its energetic properties.Amla juice is also considered to eliminate fatigue and rejuvenate the body by Ayurveda practitioners. Amla helps proper functioning of all the major organs of the body and is considered a wonder herb which can only help in achieving a healthy, disease-free life. To get the best capsules,connect with Ojas Ayurveda 


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