Why sleeping less is nothing to be proud of

 You would think that by now we have understood the basic principles of healthy living, but then again, you’d be wrong. There are many unhealthy habits are celebrated, still. They are touted to be symbols of hard work, diligence, and rite of passage of successful living.

Amongst one such habits is sleep deprivation. There are many people who are chronically sleep deprived. While some have to, as there is no other way forward for them, some do have a choice that they refuse to exercise.

Often, it is work and the race of making money that is behind sleep deprivation. But this lack of adequate sleep leads to many issues with health, that money cannot always solve.

 Health issues that result from sleep deprivation

Risk of heart disease

Having a healthy heart is vital for healthy living. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation and healthy heart is mutually exclusive. Insufficient shuteye can cause hypertension and cardiovascular health issues that then merit treatment from an Internal Medicine Specialist in Lahore

Coordination issues

Insufficient sleep can also lead to poor coordination and balance issues. When you are feeling drowsy, you are more likely to enter the light-headed zone, where you are partially awake, and it then makes you clumsy then.


When your body does not get enough rest, it naturally then suffers from fatigue. It causes people to feel groggy and not rested. It also then has a grave impact on their energy levels and productivity then.

Hormonal issues

Hormones are chemicals that moderate various processes around the body. When you are sleep deprived, you upset the careful balance of hormones in the body. It then leads to various issues around the body.

 Greater stress levels

When you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to suffer from higher stress levels, on account of hormonal changes. Stress not only gravely impairs your mental wellbeing, but its implication for your physical health are also great.

 Mood problems

Sleep deprivation has a direct impact on mood. It makes you irritable, short-tempered, and grumpy. It also causes you to become emotional. These negative emotions then also have an impact on your mental wellbeing.

 Poor reflexes

As sleep deprivation causes people to become less attentive, they also then have poor reflexes. It then causes a higher risk of accidents as well, ranging from the banal ones to more serious ones.


 Poor immunity

Another downside of sleep deprivation is that it leads to poor immunity. When you do not get your body break and rest, it then imposes on your immune system’s performance as well.

 When your immunity is down, you are more likely to then suffer from ailments. It can also cause you to suffer from different illnesses for longer, as your immune system cannot perform at full throttle.

 Risk of prediabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which body is unable to regulate its blood glucose levels. It not only has implications for your immediate wellbeing, but this chronic illness also posits secondary risks like heart disease.

 Moreover, diabetes also makes recovery from various ailments and injuries harder as well. Sleep deprivation leads to higher risk of prediabetes, which then paves way for diabetes.

 Improving your wellbeing

For the sake of your health, which no amount of money can buy, you need to start fixing your sleep habits. Think of sleep as imperative to your health, and not as something that you can compromise on. Some ways to improve your wellbeing include:

 Have a sleep routine

Our body loves routine, so, stick to a good sleep routine. Have a particular sleep and wakeup time. Do not use screens before bedtime, so it’s easier for you to fall asleep.


Watch your caffeine consumption and exercise

You should not drink coffee or tea in the evening or at night. Similarly, exercising late at night is also not good for your sleep.

 Visit your doctor

It is important that you consult Internal medicine Doctor in Islamabad if your sleep deprivation is resulting from sleep disorders or health issues.