Why is Yahoo Mail not working? Fix it

Yahoo is one of the most trusted and secured webmail. Users always find Yahoo mail services as the premium services in terms of sending and receiving mail with good storage space and updated features. 

When users face issues on Yahoo such as 

  • why yahoo mail is not working or,
  • yahoo mail not loading or, 
  • yahoo mail not working or,
  • yahoo mail issues and others.

Reasons and Ways to Fix Yahoo Mail Issues

These are basic and common issues that users can face and some simple solutions to these problems are:

Solution 1: Cache & Cookies

Users must always clear their browsing history including cache & cookies when facing the issue of yahoo mail not working as they tend to set the page in the previous model and not to be displayed with the updated version 

Solution 2: Poor Internet & Network Connection

The poor internet connection can be the cause of yahoo mail not loading, in this case, users can either restart the web browser or turn off the internet connection or can also try connecting to another internet connection.

Sometimes due to poor network connection users can face why yahoo mail is not working, then users can restart the device on which they are operating.

Solution 3: Server Down or Yahoo app issue

There are times when users can face the issue of yahoo mail not loading or yahoo mail not working on the web version of the yahoo mail (maybe because of the yahoo server down) or can also occur on the app itself due to some technicality issue. In this case, users can try to operate on the one that is working or wait for the yahoo server to be back again.

Solution 4: Wrong Email Settings

The occurrence of yahoo mail issues can be because of inaccurate email settings, users need to check their email settings to stop the occurrence of the issue.

Solution 5: Yahoo mail’s outdated version

When users have the old version of yahoo mail, yahoo mail issues can occur, users need to keep their web version or the yahoo App updated.

Solution 6: Improper installation of Yahoo Mail

When the yahoo mail app is not installed properly it may be because of any reason such as poor internet or network connection, or some virus or malware on the device on which yahoo mail got installed.

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