Why is Paper Bubble Wrap Outstripping Traditional Bubble Wrap?

We have been using similar materials for packaging for many decades but when 8 million tons of plastic is being dumped in the ocean every year and all that is coming from packaging and pollution due to packaging contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, we need to start looking for other environmental-friendly options. 

When it comes to traditional packaging solutions, one of the first images that pop into the mind is bubble wrap. Not only it provides ultimate protection for the product but keeps the item safe from dust, and scratches during transit. But since even the very popular bubble wrap is made from plastic and is not environmental-friendly, we have come up with a better alternative in the form of paper bubble wrap.

You might be thinking that paper bubble wrap is a new kid on the block but currently, it is used by a vast majority of businesses that are concerned about the environment. So, what makes paper bubble wrap superior to the traditional option, and what’s the difference between both of these packaging options? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

What are the benefits of traditional bubble wrap?

Traditional bubble wrap has been in existence for many decades and there must be a reason behind it. Here are the top benefits of bubble wrap that companies used to enjoy till now-

  • Cheap– Bubble wrap turned out to be an inexpensive option, especially in comparison to other wrapping materials like bespoke foam sheets. 
  • Available in different varieties– Bubble wrap is available in a wide variety of forms, from envelopes and bags to simple sheets.
  • Lightweight- Since bubble wraps are filled only with air, they add little to no volume to the overall packaging and that’s why companies accepted it with alacrity. 

All these benefits might sound intimidating and you might be planning to stick with bubble wrap forever. But the material used in bubble wrap is considered toxic waste and according to scientists, it is an ecologically toxic substance. A single bubble wrap can take hundreds of years to disintegrate in any kind of landfill. 

Because of all such issues, it’s time to switch to a new form of bubble paper wrap that is environmentally friendly and offers similar protection and cost-effectiveness as traditional bubble wrap. 

What is bubble paper wrap?

The bubble paper wrap is crafted from 100% recycled paper and the best part is it features a honeycomb pattern over the surface. Paper bubble wrap can be used just like traditional bubble wrap, cushioning and protecting fragile objects without adding too much weight or costing a fortune to the companies.

What are the benefits of paper bubble wrap?

Since paper bubble wrap is lightweight, highly-protective, and cost-effective, it shares all the qualities of traditional bubble wrap. But what makes paper bubble wrap different from traditional ones?


Doesn’t matter which kind of paper bubble wrap you are using, it can be easily recycled and it even biodegrades faster than any other packaging material. Apart from this, very little energy is required for producing these eco-friendly bubble wraps and since they are lightweight, it becomes easy to transport them.

Wraps closely

Paper bubble wrap can provide ideal all-around protection against dirt, dust, and scratches and this is why it is an ideal option for any kind of product packaging. Also, the elastic nature of this wrap allows it to snuggle around every part of the product, regardless of the shape of the product. 

No need for tape or glue 

You might have been using glue or tape for packaging any product with the traditional bubble wrap and this also contributes to pollution but the use of tape or glue can be completely eliminated in the case of paper bubble wrap. The honeycomb-like structure of the paper bubble wrap interlocks the cells for a cling that requires no other sticking agent.

Some common products that are considered ideal for paper bubble wrap are-

  • Glass bottles 
  • Furniture pieces
  • Mirrors and pictures 
  • Cosmetics, and much more 

There are many other kinds of products that can be packed in paper bubble wrap. Simply put, anything that is packed in traditional bubble wrap can be packed in paper wrap. You just have to find the right kind of product packaging company because the paper bubble wrap must be of good quality. 

You should never be a part of those companies that are fueling their growth by igniting the environment. There are many eco-friendly solutions that can be used by product-based businesses without affecting their effectiveness and appeal and paper bubble wrap is one of those eco-friendly solutions. 

Apart from carrying all the good traits of traditional bubble wrap, paper bubble wrap is eco-friendly and provides complete protection to any kind, shape, and size of the product.