Why is it important to get medicines on time?

It is vital to get medicines on time because if you don’t, your condition could worsen, and you might have to be hospitalized. Not getting your medicines on time can also lead to resistance to the medicine, making it less effective.

Risks of not taking medicine on time

Not taking your medicine on time can have serious consequences. If you’re supposed to take your medicine twice a day, and you only take it once, you’re not getting the medication’s full effect. This can worsen your condition or even put your life at risk.

Missing doses of certain medications can also cause drug resistance. This happens when the bacteria or virus that you’re taking the medication for becomes resistant to the effects of the drug. When this happens, the medication won’t work as well, and you may need a higher dose or a different medication altogether.

It’s essential to take your medicine as prescribed and to make sure you don’t miss any doses. If you have trouble memorizing to take your medicine, talk to your doctor about how you make it easier, such as setting the alarm or keeping your pills in a place where you’ll see them every day.

Tips to get medicine on time

It can be difficult to get medicine on time, but it is vital to do so. Here are some tips for getting the medicine on time:

-Plan ahead and make sure you have enough time to get the medicine you need.

-Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the best way to get your medicine.

-If you can, get online pharmacy delivery in Dubai or have it mailed to you.

-Keep track of when you need to take your medicine and set reminders.

Following these tips can help ensure that you get your medicine on time and stay healthy.


It is crucial to get medicines on time for many reasons. First, if you don’t take your medicine as prescribed, it may not be effective. Second, taking your medicine late or skipping doses can lead to resistance, which means the medicine may not work in the future as well. Third, some medicines need to be taken at regular intervals to be effective, so missing a dose can make the medicine less effective. Finally, getting your medicines on time ensures that you get the full benefit of the medication and reduces the risk of side effects.