Why do trucks need a running board?

Truck running boards serve a number of purposes. They provide an easy means of entry and exit, they aid in loading and unloading cargo, and they may even add to the truck’s aesthetics. Truck running boards are beneficial to the driver as well, as they allow the driver to use his feet to stabilize the truck as it is entering a turn or as it is driving over uneven terrain. Running boards for trucks are located at the bottom of vehicles (on either or both sides) typically at the foot of a truck’s door. They serve two main functions. The most obvious function is to serve as a step. This is especially important for taller trucks (or if truck passengers are on the shorter side). The second function of running boards lies in their ability to serve as cargo load/unload platforms. Many modern vehicles have lowered floors on at least one side of the vehicle. This makes it difficult to load or unload items onto the truck bed. Running boards can be used to raise the bed of the truck and make it easier to load and unload cargo.

Running boards can improve your load capacity:

On top of being a handy step for shorter truck passengers, running boards serve as an extra space for your truck to load and unload cargo. Even though your truck provides a great amount of space for cargo, sometimes there just isn’t enough. Using the space available on the running board, you can add the extra room you need. The second function of a running board is to provide a platform for load carrying. If you’ve ever had to carry some heavy load in your arms, you know how much easier it can be if you just have a place to set it down. A running board provides that place. This is especially important on a truck bed (or other vehicle bed) that doesn’t have a solid deck. Running boards also serve as a platform for tying a load down. If you have a load that you want to tie down, but the truck bed is a soft surface, you can place a couple of boards on the bed, then tie the load down on top of them. Finally, running boards don’t have to be part of a truck. For example, if you have a utility trailer that you have to load up, you can use boards to load the trailer, then reverse the steps as you unload. Must visit www.suncentauto.com

5 things to consider when purchasing running boards:

When purchasing running boards, there are a few things you should consider: 1. Length: The length of the running board itself is important because it affects how high the running board is off the ground. Running boards are made in a couple of different lengths, but typically the longer the running board, the higher it is off the ground. 2. Material: There are three major materials: plastic, rubber, and aluminum. The aluminum running boards are the sturdiest and most common. They are the most expensive but are the best in the long run. 3. Price: Just because a running board is more expensive doesn’t mean it will be better. Choose a price that is reasonable for the length of running board you need and the material. 4. Color: There are many different colors to choose from, so pick a color that matches your truck. 5. Installation: Make sure the running boards are easy to install or you will end up paying more for installation.

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