Why Do Most Cosmetic Brands Use Eco-Friendly Foundation Boxes?

Cosmetic brands provide foundations of various types to their valuable customers as it is a significant makeup product. The general types include stick foundation, powder foundation, cream/liquid foundation, and serum foundation. These foundations must be organic and harmless to the skin. In the meantime, the packaging should also be harmless to the constituents of foundations.

Packaging plays a major role in determining the quality of products inside. Cheap or toxic packaging that releases harmful chemicals can interfere with product quality.  That’s why wise brands use durable foundation packaging boxes to ensure product safety. Furthermore, they know that a major portion of earth pollution includes packaging waste. So, they always use eco-friendly boxes that are recyclable and provide many other benefits as well:

Trouble-Free Customization

One of the most important perks of custom foundation boxes is that you can easily customize these boxes in any shape, size, or style per your product requirements. The packaging materials used for eco-friendly boxes of foundations include cardboard, cardstock, Kraft, and a bux board that is flexible enough to customize in any style.  The customization technique of die-cutting can make packaging boxes of precise dimensions to fit every kind of foundation. Brands can choose the configuration of packaging per their preferences. This includes the size and shape of foundation packaging, colors, prints, and finishing options.

Additionally, they can add graphics, images, patterns, and other visual aesthetics to their foundation packaging. Besides that, embossing, debossing, and gold/silver foiling give a charm to the packaging boxes of foundations. They can also avail of unique add-on options like window cuts and PVC sheets. Foundation packaging containing window cuts helps in product transparency. Other than that, cosmetic brands even get rigid cardboard pallets for powder foundations that are also recyclable.

Preserve Foundations Quality

One can get corrugated boxes for foundations that are made of strong paper materials to secure foundations. These boxes are used by professional cosmetic brands due to their balanced and sturdy nature. The corrugated walls will protect foundations against heat, dirt, dust, microbes, moisture, and other environmental variables. Even if brands don’t use corrugated walls, Kraft or cardboard boxes alone are also sufficient to protect foundations on the shelves of stores. One can get corrugated mailer boxes to deliver foundations to far places. The demand for foundation mailer boxes is also increasing day by day because many cosmetic brands offer online services. Apart from this, one can also add inserts, or partitions inside Foundation Boxes to prevent collisions that cause foundations to spill out or leak.

Foundation Boxes

Increase the Worth of Foundations

Customers cannot unpack every packaging box to see inside products. Instead, they feel the quality of foundations through product packaging. The only thing that customers see is the high-quality materials and attractive prints of packaging boxes. They read the foundation details that are written on the packaging. Therefore, cosmetic brands use sustainable foundation boxes and mention ingredients, usage, and expiry dates on these boxes. Such boxes increase the value of products and encourage customers buying decisions. Cosmetic brands use these boxes because they are perfect from all perspectives for the smooth functioning of their business.

Help in Cost-Effective Marketing

When Kraft boxes display the brand name and logo, they can work as secretive marketing tools. The logo is a unique symbol that represents a particular brand. It helps businesses to get more customers familiar with their brand. But, one needs to add a wow factor to the brand name or logo using embossing or foiling techniques. This way, when customers see the attractive logo, they will memorize the brand. Cosmetic brands further market their business by mentioning addresses and contact info to make promotional foundation packaging. Thus, custom foundation packaging printed with brand details can promote business to a maximum number of people.

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Impress More Customers

There are different strategies to lure more customers such as promotional events, TV advertisements, and offering discount deals. But, custom foundation boxes have maximum power to impress customers. Because, in the end, customers will be going to their homes with just packaging boxes. If the packaging is adorable, the customers will be impressed. Otherwise, you know the consequences if the customers are not satisfied with your products. Therefore, brands use attractive boxes for foundations to impress valuable customers.

Foundaion Boxes

For example, the illustrations regarding products look professional and enchanting on foundation packaging. Moreover, customization options liberate brands to design eco-friendly boxes in a way that they think will be tempting for customers. Last but not least, customers will form a perception of how responsible the brand is by looking at the quality of packaging boxes. Customers prefer recyclable paper boxes rather than heavy plastic boxes.

Generate Maximum Profit

The foundation packaging that is the result of eco-friendly packaging materials lures more customers toward brands and increases its profit. These materials are recyclable and biodegradable so they help in the production of eco-friendly cosmetic boxes that are harmless to the environment. They decompose naturally by microbes and become part of the earth again. Due to these benefits, these boxes are popular among brands that support environmental safety. Further, brands print slogans like “100% natural” and “go green” to grab customers’ attention. Thus, by using these boxes brands gain customers’ trust which helps in increasing the sales of their foundations.