Why Coconut with Kefir Should Be a Part of Your Daily Diet

If you are following any health and well-being trends or fads, it is not a surprise that you have heard of coconut water infused with kefir and why this should be included in your daily diet. One of the reasons why it’s getting a lot of attention is because it is easy and fast to make, plus it’s delicious and pack on a lot of health benefits.

The ingredients to make this wonderful elixir includes coconut water and water kefir crystals and that’s it! With just these two ingredients, you would benefit by:

Being hydrated

When we are dehydrated, we lose electrolytes. This is the reason why we are advised to drink sports drinks because they are full of electrolytes when we are dehydrated. But if you want a drink that is more organic and natural, why not try coconut kefir?

One glass of this drink contains high amount of potassium. It is not common knowledge but we need to consume about 4700 milligrams of potassium on a daily basis and one glass of coconut water is already 600 milligrams. Drink one glass daily and partner it with other food that is rich in potassium and you are on your way to combating potassium deficiency.

Being free of kidney stones

Not only would you fight potassium deficiency by drinking coconut water, it is also a great remedy for kidney stones. If you are diagnosed with kidney stones, add coconut water with kefir to your diet to aid the medications that are prescribed by your doctor. They should not replace your medicines, instead, the coconut water is to be taken like a supplement.

Being anxiety free

Did you know that coconut water has a relaxing and anti-anxiety property? Not only is it refreshing to the body, it is also refreshing to the mind. Since it contains a lot of vitamins, folate and magnesium, it supports the adrenals and keep the body in balance. Taking care of your mental health is as significant as taking care of your physical health. With coconut water, you are taking care of both your body and mind.

Controlling blood pressure

As a result of a study conducted in 2005, 28 subjects with hypertension were advised to drink coconut water daily for two weeks had a significant lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A significant 71% reduction in systolic and a 29% reduction in diastolic were recorded. This is in comparison to other subjects who only drank water and showed no reduction or decrease in their blood pressure from the beginning of the study.

Anti-aging properties

For those still in search of the fountain of youth, why not settle on the next best thing? Coconut water is full of cytokinin and kinetin which has anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties. They also have strong anti-aging effects on human skin cells.

With all these health benefits, coconut water with kefir is also delicious and refreshing. It is a beverage that will not make you feel guilty even when you drink it frequently since it is beneficial for your health.