Why Are Summer Tyres The Best Choice For Your Car?

Summer tyres are designed to give maximum performance during the summer months. They provide better grip in hot temperatures and offer superior levels of driving comfort while also reducing rolling resistance, which helps to save fuel. Summer tyres are also typically made from a softer compound which allows for greater levels of cornering stability and increased braking performance in dry conditions. Here we look at 15 reasons why summer tyres should be your go-to choice when selecting new tyres for your car:

1) Increased safety: Summer Tyres Leicester have been designed with safety in mind – their advanced tread pattern design ensures that they can handle sudden changes in direction quickly and efficiently, providing optimum control on wet surfaces. This improved handling makes it easier to respond quickly and safely to any unexpected events.

2) Improved braking: Summer tyres have a softer compound and tread pattern which helps to improve braking performance in dry conditions. The extra grip provided by the tyre increases stopping power, helping you to respond quickly when unexpected events occur on the road.

3) Better handling: The improved grip of summer tyres also helps to increase cornering stability and reduce oversteer. This makes for better control during sharp turns, giving you greater confidence in your ability to handle the car at higher speeds and stay safe during emergency manoeuvres.

4) Reduced aquaplaning risk: The larger grooves of summer tyres help to disperse water more efficiently from between the contact patch and road surface, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. This is especially important during heavy downpours and is an essential safety feature that can help to keep you in control of the car throughout all weather conditions.

5) Improved performance: Summer tyres offer better performance in a number of ways, including improved acceleration, cornering ability and braking distances. This is primarily due to the increased grip provided by the tyre which provides greater contact with the road surface resulting in improved power transfer between the tyres and road surface. With summer tyres fitted, you’ll also enjoy enhanced steering response which makes for a more enjoyable driving experience.

6) Reduced noise levels: The increased tread pattern of summer tyres helps to reduce road noise penetrating into the cabin, helping to make journeys less fatiguing and more enjoyable. Some models of summer tyres also have noise-cancelling technology which helps to further reduce noise levels, making for a much smoother ride.

7) Improved comfort: . This helps to reduce the stress placed on the tyre and makes for a much more comfortable ride as there is less vibration passing through the vehicle cabin. The additional grip provided by summer tyres also helps to reduce body roll, helping you stay firmly planted when cornering at high speeds.

8) Improved fuel economy: One of the benefits of fitting summer tyres is improved fuel economy due to reduced rolling resistance. This is because summer tyres have a softer compound, which means they are able to provide better grip with less effort. This reduces the amount of energy needed to move the vehicle forward, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and lower running costs.

9) UV protection: Summer tyres also provide more effective protection against UV damage than all-season or winter tyres. This is due to their increased rubber content, which provides enhanced resistance against cracking and fading from exposure to sunlight. With regular maintenance and inspection, summer tyres can last significantly longer than other types of tyre.

10) Reduced noise levels: As mentioned previously, the softer compounds used in summer tyres allow them to absorb more sound from the road, resulting in a quieter journey. This is especially beneficial if you are driving long distances, as it can make for a more comfortable and less tiring experience.

11) Better grip on wet roads: Finally, summer Car Tyres Leicester  also provide better grip on wet roads than other types of tyre. This makes them ideal for drivers who live in areas that experience frequent rain or damp weather. With these advantages, it’s easy to see why many drivers choose to fit their vehicles with summer tyres – providing enhanced safety and performance when needed most.  

To conclude

Summer tyres provide a number of benefits that make them well worth the investment. They offer enhanced performance on dry roads, better grip on wet roads and improved comfort levels thanks to their softer rubber compound. This makes them ideal for drivers who want to get the most out of their vehicles during the warmer months of the year. So if you’re looking for a tyre upgrade this summer, consider investing in a set of summer tyres – you won’t be sorry

Make sure to get your summer tyres from a trusted provider, as low-quality ones can compromise safety. When you’re ready for installation, make sure to have a certified technician fit them correctly on your vehicle. This will ensure that they work properly and provide the best performance possible in all kinds of conditions. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on this summer with confidence!