Why are Rigid Boxes the Perfect way to Boost your Business Brand?

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Rigid, as the name shows, these are hard and rigid enough to carry much weight. Rigid boxes have a luxurious look, out-of-the-box style, standard, costly, and high features. Such boxes are used for gifts, luxury items packaging, and precious things. Such boxes are most commonly used for a variety of other products too, and other embellished items made them extraordinary appealing and mesmerizing.

Add a luxurious look with metal foiling impact

There are foils that make your box more appealing, like gold foil, silver foil, blue foil, and other colors. When we add such foils to the boxes, their look gets changed to a luxurious one. Luxury-looking boxes are fitted with high-cost products, like watches and precious gifts, and jewelry items. These are costly items and sell at a high cost, and it means investing in rigid boxes return you a lot in terms of profit. This is the reason behind every successful brand merely focuses on the boxes and packaging of the product. This think is the major factor in the advertisement, marketing, and branding of the box.

Quality material enhances the product value

Rigid is counted as the most quality material among all packaging materials. Because of their luxurious look, the mark style, and affordability, such boxes help small brands to lift up their identity. Good packaging helps the small business to stand out from the crowd of competition, get more benefits and become a potential supplier in the market. Rigid boxes enhance the value of the product, and one could add the following additional things to make the box up to the mark.

  1. Ribbons
  2. Buttons
  3. Velvet sheets
  4. Lids
  5. Plastic wrappings

All these things make the box up to the mark, stylish, and enhance the value of the product in the mind of the customer. This is the only packaging that changes the shape of the box from a common product to a gift or luxurious product. All these things add value partially, and in the end, you get a high-value product for the consumers.


Royal look with blind debossing for a sophisticated look

Embossing and debossing are two things that a customer wants to see. These addons are applied to the boxes and add additional cost to box production. These are also being used in the custom rigid box production and embossing; debossing affects the surface of the material.

Rigid has sharp corners, straight dimensions, and exact fittings. So, these boxes have a sophisticated look, and this look has a great impact on sales.

There are different types of rigid boxes, and these are listed below.

  1. Single piece rigid boxes
  2. Two-piece rigid boxes
  3. Magnetic closer rigid boxes
  4. Hexagon shape rigid boxes
  5. Pentagon rigid boxes
  6. Rectangular shape boxes
  7. Triangular shape boxes

Single piece rigid boxes:

These are the simplest form of rigid material-made boxes. This is made from one single piece of rigid material and can’t be folded easily. As single-piece boxes have only one piece, so they are difficult to assemble again and again. There are fewer possibilities to fold them; that’s why these are shipped on a flat surface. Actually, rigid material is made by joining several layers of cardboard sheets. Such sheets, when made to join together, become rigid material.

Two-piece rigid boxes:

As the name shows, these are two-piece boxes, one is the head, and the other is the bottom. Some are also called the top and bottom, and you may remember them with any name. One cap and one bottom piece of the box. These caps tightly fit on the bottom and retain the product safer. When two-piece boxes are closed, they become double wall rigid boxes, and their strength increases twice or thrice times. This is the reason these boxes have become the top choice of luxury items sellers.

Magnetic closure rigid boxes:

These are the boxes whose top lid contains a small magnet, and the bottom portion of the box contains the catcher. This helps them in auto-closing and ease in closing. These are also very common and used in all sorts of product packaging.

Hexagon shape rigid boxes:

A hexagon has six sides, so these are the rigid material-made boxes having six sides. These are good for jewelry and other expensive material packaging. Because of their size, they are costlier and up-to-the-mark boxes.

Pentagon Rigid boxes:

Pentagon boxes are boxes with five sides, the same as the US pentagon shape. These are the boxes that contain cushion materials and bubble sheets inside them and display the products inside them.

Rectangular shape rigid boxes:

Rectangular shape boxes are the same as rectangular in shape. When these boxes are displayed on the shelves of the shop, they look mesmerizing and up to the mark.

Triangular shape boxes:

These are the boxes with a triangle in shape, like a pastry, and have a top lid cap on them.

All these shapes could be achieved easily by ordering custom boxes online. By customization, one can add a logo on the rigid box, get customized colors, and append couture’s on the rigid materials.

Favorable for costly products

These are costly in production and are only used for products that have a high-profit margin. If you are selling retail or wholesale products, then don’t go for rigid material. These are good for costly products like those listed below items.

  • Watches
  • Ornament
  • Jewels

Good Impression is created by Printing brand symbols as well as logos

A good impression of the product is built with the help of the packaging. If you are using a good style and properly designed box, then you will get a better ROI. Such boxes always help in branding and generating customer loyalty.

Durable and reliable packaging options:

Boxes made up of rigid materials are the more durable and reliable. Their life span is much higher than other sorts of cardboard-made boxes. This is the reason customers love them and re-use them at the domestic level. Add to this, these could be recycled easily and brings a good impression. When you are selling delicate items, then one could rely on the rigid material-made boxes.

Wrapping up discussion

Rigid materials are a perfect way to boost the business brand, customer loyalty, and repeat sales. This is the reason every marketer love to have such sort of rigid boxes.

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