What are the Benefits of White-Label Gojek Clone App Development?

The Gojek Clone app development is one of the most trending business solutions. In 2022, every entrepreneur wants to make more money and invest less. Not every business solution enables entrepreneurs to leverage the benefits just like a Gojek-like app.

Want to know more convincing reasons to invest in this mobile app solution? Well, this blog includes some of the key reasons you should know if you want to establish a multi-service business this year.

Benefits of White-label Gojek Clone Development

Mentioned below are some top-selling reasons why a white-label multi-service app is the hot choice of entrepreneurs. Read through them to determine how beneficial investing in this app would be.

Low-development cost

The development cost is low for a white-labeled app because they are pre-built. Thus, no construction from scratch is needed to develop a fully-fledged multi-service app. The team at the development firm has already coded the app, designed it, made it bug-free, tested it, and fixed it.

Therefore, you don’t need to do anything but tell your requirements to the Project Manager handling your project.


Gojek Clone app development is easy because it is pre-built. On the flip side, the development is time-efficient because it takes only 1 to 2 weeks for white-labeling and customization.

Moreover, the app is bug-free, well-optimized, and tested. Thus, these steps are omitted from the app development process which in turn, saves a lot of time.

More revenue generation

One thing is clear – it takes only a fraction of money to develop a fully-fledged multi-service app. On top of that, it integrates multiple revenue streams and profit-centric business models. The business models include commission per service and membership subscription plans. The other revenue streams include cancellation fees, surcharges, and in-app advertisements.

Integrate your preferred components

A pre-built script enables you to integrate multiple components in your app. It includes integrating the languages and currencies of your choice. In addition, the white-labeling experts also provide the option to integrate country-wise payment gateways.

Furthermore, during the Gojek Clone app development, the entrepreneurs can easily add the services and features they like the most.

Easy business expansion

Entrepreneurs can easily expand their business with this multi-service app. How? Well, the app facilitates the accommodation of 82+ services. It means that you can add several services and expand your business to different industries. Some popular services available on the platform include genres like logistics & transportation, healthcare, beauty & spa, academics, etc.

Additionally, the app is fully capacitated to integrate more than 25 languages and currencies. Therefore, if you want to expand your business to other parts of the world, you can do it easily.

Leverage the Futuristic Technology with the Gojek Clone

With the development of a white-labeled on-demand multi-service app, entrepreneurs can integrate the most latest and robust technology through features. For instance, recently added features allow the app users to conveniently book the service, track them, pay online, and more.

Here are some of the advanced features you can add during the Gojek Clone app development.

●    Multiple credit card management

Customers can easily add, modify, or delete their credit cards on the app. The facility of adding multiple credit cards allows customers to easily make online purchases without worrying about transferring money from one account to another or paying in cash.

●    A video call option with a delivery/taxi driver

The app also has the option to video call the delivery or taxi driver besides in-app messaging and in-app calling. Through a video call, the customers and drivers can communicate well. For instance, if you are waiting for the taxi driver to pick you up from the airport but you aren’t able to direct him to your live location, you can show them the exact location through a video call.

In short, it would become easy to deliver and receive services.

Other features include online booking, wallet-to-wallet transfer, logging in with Face ID and Fingerprint, etc.

In conclusion:

Summing up, it is essential to develop and launch the on-demand multi-service app in today’s era. Get started with the Gojek Clone app development! First, check the Gojek Clone demo and price to make the final purchase decision.

Next, discuss your requirements and that’s it! You are all set to launch the most popular and robust white-labeled on-demand app solution.