Which To study: Native App or Web Development?

The IT industry is one of the most growing sectors globally. It is estimated that by 2026 at least a million job openings would be available for grabs. With the growing demand for IT professionals, learning the related skills is a good option for career growth or even a career shift. 

Among all the technical skills, web development and app development are one of the most sought skills as it is relatively easy to learn. Well, you are still required to dedicate a lot of time and practice to acquire expertise but once you are done it’s monetarily and career-wise beneficial. 


Which to learn, Native App Development or Web Development?

Both skills are highly valued in the industry. While the decision is always subjective, we have divided the reasoning into a few sections below that will help you select the best option. 


Vision and Passion:

The first section of reasoning, vision, and passion. There isn’t a competition between the both. You can always turn your passion into a vision. The first question you should ask yourself is what are your personal goals regarding the choice to opt for development skills. 

As a web developer, your apps would be accessible by anyone and anywhere without any entry barrier. Whereas as a native app developer your apps would exist on a specific platform designed with platform-specific features. 

Most developers have a steady mission to introduce their independent apps in the market on specific platforms. To achieve such a goal they gain market experience as employed by agencies and then go about developing independent apps. As far as web development is concerned there are a few specializations you can go for such as front-end developer, back-end developer, and most important full stack developer. 


Career Path as a Developer:

Web development and native app development are both career paths that are trending. While both of the services are offered by the majority of IT companies, the market value of the work varies. To know which technology offers a widened career path you have to research the technology stack and the major web development company in USA you want to be part of. 

If you are into a web development career, there are plenty of high-ranking agencies looking for experts hence the job search isn’t an issue. Web development is one of the trending technologies as it is adopted by businesses shifting towards the digital approach. Website is the first essential to achieve as a digital business. Learning web development means you advance in your career as a freelancer as well with your acquired expertise and numerous projects.

Native app development career path requires a lot of determination to achieve a good position. As a native developer, there are top agencies you can go for if you are following a passion. Jobs as a native app developer are lesser in comparison but offer good pay. 

Take a Demo for Native App or Web Technologies:

If you are a beginner, first we advise you to start learning front-end development. It’s easy and doesn’t require heavy investment. You just need a plain text editor and it can be learned on websites such as codepen.io or jsfiddle. 

Once you have acquired the fundamental expertise you can demo both of the technologies. For that, you can either watch educational videos or take the beginner-level instructing class. The demo can help you decide on which technology you have better grab on in learning. If you are learning new for the sake of earning then the technology with the best understanding should be your option. 

The faster you can learn, the earlier you can score a job. Companies also appreciate fast learners and such people see significant growth in their careers. Observing which programming language is easier for you to learn really helps if you don’t know which development course to go for. 


The Difference Between Technology Learning:

Mobile app development and web app development are both programming languages. The popular web development languages include C#, java, javascript, ruby, PHP, and python. If you are learning web app development through an institution, first you will learn development languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

On the other hand, popular app development languages include Swift and Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android and iOS. Apple has created Xcode. In case you want to enhance your app development tools, you will learn an integrated development environment (known as IDE) which is a set of frameworks and tools for iOS apps. 

Both of the technologies are continuously evolving so as a developer you have to stay up to date as well. Native mobile app development specifically advances more than web development technologies. So, if you want to remain steady with the knowledge, go for web development. Whereas, if you want to keep learning, native mobile app development comes with significant opportunities.