Which Model Is My Cellphone?

If you are deliberating selling your phone, you may want a few information approximately the make and version of your device to make sure you’re getting the right fee. It sounds easy, but with loads of handsets available and a couple of phone companies providing variations of the equal version as the collection at distinctive rate factors, it is able to be a piece complicated.

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If you’ve got found yourself questioning how much my phone is worth, the primary element to do is find out what version your device is. If you have had your cellphone with you for a long term, you might not have it within the unique packaging, however don’t worry. There are other methods to check the model of your phone.

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Find Your Iphone’s Model Via Settings

If you have a operating iPhone this is fully purposeful, you may find out your tool’s version via opening your Settings and navigating to General > About. From here, you’ll be able to see your iPhone model call, model number and capability. When you trade a phone for cash, it’s essential to understand the garage potential, because it will have an effect on the charge. For instance, a phone with 256GB of garage will fetch a better rate tag than the identical version with best 64GB of garage.

Some older iPhones will not show the model name in the Settings menu and could rather best display the model variety, to be able to be a aggregate of numbers and letters. You can use the version wide variety to find the version call with a quick Google search.

From the model number, you can truly decide a variety of beneficial statistics about the device, together with the shade, country of foundation, and whether or not the phone has been bought or refurbished from a store.

Locate Damaged Iphone Version

If your tool is damaged or unresponsive, you can nonetheless be questioning Can I sell my iPhone? In many cases, the answer is yes, but you still need to recognise the version earlier than you could get a quote for it. That said, gaining access to the Settings menu on an unresponsive, non-functioning phone is going to be a bit complicated, however there are nevertheless methods to find out which iPhone you have.

Older iPhones could have a small identity quantity printed on the back. It will begin with A and may be used to discover the version of the telephone. This quantity does now not seem on later fashions of the iPhone eight. For these devices, you’ll need to put off the SIM tray and search for the A range on the pinnacle side of the SIM tray slot.

Find Android Smartphone Model The Usage Of Settings

Finding the precise version of Android cellphone will depend upon the brand of the smartphone, as Android is the working gadget, now not the handset itself. Regardless, if you have a totally functioning Android device and you are interested in a Samsung enterprise, as an instance, to earn a few more money you’ll be able to use the Settings menu to find the version range.

Go to Settings > About cellphone. From this display screen, you must see as a minimum some basic statistics approximately the telephone, and relying at the smartphone producer, the model range can be in this display as properly. If you can not see the version quantity at the About smartphone screen, attempt to locate Hardware data and tap on it.

Locate Broken Android Cellphone Model

Identifying a non-running Android device is a bit much less easy than an iPhone because there are so many fashions made by specific manufacturers who can have their very own thoughts on how to physically print the model wide variety.

Since there’s no comparable answer for Android telephones, try looking within the following places:

On the lower back or bottom of the device – both engraved, revealed or on a sticky label

On the original phone packaging on or around the SIM tray

If all else fails and you still can not find your version wide variety, it is possible to identify the phone with the aid of sight. You could as a minimum realize about the brand of the cellphone, and from here, you can test it out and compare it with other handsets, even simply by means of looking images of the producer’s gadgets. Of course, we’d advocate the use of the above methods first or even taking it to a cellphone store wherein an professional might be capable of discover it.

Now that you realize what version telephone you’ve got, it is time to go over to Sell My Mobile and discover how lots you could get for it. We promise to pay exactly what we quote, supplied the device matches the position you pick out to your software, and if we disagree, we’ll send the device returned to you directly, no annoyance .