Which Birthday Flowers Are Best For Girlfriend?

Some will surely think of flowers as the best birthday flowers for their girlfriend. How trite and standard. The whole thing shouldn’t be a present for the 5th anniversary either! Just a little something in between! And even if it sounds trite, our survey shows more than 80% of all women are still happy about flowers! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bouquet of roses.

A little Gerbera in your friend’s favorite color will do the same. Because that means, on the one hand, you think about your girlfriend and, on the other hand, you have also remembered your favorite color. She’s guaranteed to be happy about that!

Giving romantic birthday flowers to your girlfriend also shows character. Most modern men feel way too “cool” to give flowers as gifts. But the few gentlemen out there know how to make a woman happy with flowers. And even if the flowers pass quickly, they have a traditional value for the girlfriend.

Romantic Birthday Flowers For Your Girlfriend

Does it have to be the red rose? For God’s sake, no! There are still romantic flowers and girlfriends who are happy about the red rose, but it should be a special occasion. And it should also be the woman you love more than anything because red roses are still more a proof of love than any other flower. A rose is also recommended if you want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday.

Think about whether you have ever seen flowers on her or you that she has bought, or whether she raved about certain flowers at an event like a wedding. Have a general look around her apartment. Does she like unusual or kitschy things, or does she like traditional natural things? What colors or color combinations can you see? These are all valuable tips you should remember if you want to give your girlfriend flowers.

When we talk about birthday flowers for the girlfriend, we mean a little something, just a little flower for in between, no occasion-related flowers.

Just go to a flower shop and ask a little about romantic flowers for your girlfriend, her appearance, or the apartment—everything we mentioned above. The ladies are usually very knowledgeable and will give you some recommendations on which flowers to give your girlfriend.

It doesn’t have to be a whole birthday bouquet of flowers. It often looks too much. It is better to pick a single targeted flower.

Birthday Flowers For Girlfriend – Tips

The Imperishable Flower:

For the romantics among you, here is a very well-received tip. I gave my girlfriend a flower bouquet. I put a little card and wrote that I would love her as long as the flowers bloom. At first glance, it sounds a bit brief. However, I mixed an artificial flower with the real one, which she only noticed later. Then the joy was all the greater 🙂

Here Is The Recommendation: Preserved Rose.

The Rose Path

Another time, I took the classic bouquet of red roses. However, I hung the first rose outside the door with a small note that said, “Follow me.” I distributed the individual roses around the house, and they always pointed in the direction they should go. The first rose led her into the kitchen. I then put a rose in the refrigerator and placed a glass of champagne next. She then took this with her. Then it went up to the bedroom first. Another note said, “What are you thinking about again;).” In the end, I went to the bathroom, where the full hot tub was waiting. I leave the rest to your imagination!

The Self-Picked Bouquet

What I have done several times, even if it is not entirely legal, is: when I saw a great flower in the wild that my girlfriend might like, I just took it with me. Or, when I drove past a beautiful field of flowers in my car, I picked a whole flower bouquet myself. It wasn’t so much about the flower itself as the gesture. When I handed her the bouquet, she knew immediately that I was thinking of her at the sight of the beautiful flowers, which she thought was great and very surprising.

Just have a look around on your way home from work. If you pay attention, you will see a few beautiful flowers in between. Otherwise, there are also specially created flower fields where you can pick flowers and then pay for them. This is well received because you can still say you picked the flowers and put them together.

The Durable Flower

There are now providers who conserve flowers so that they last longer. This goes so far that the flowers retain their splendor for years. So if it’s a special occasion and you don’t want the flowers to go away quickly, that’s a great idea! I’ve made a list of the best-preserved flowers for girlfriends for you guys.


I hope you took something with you from this article and now you know which flowers are suitable for your friend. Always remember, it’s not about the money you’re spending. The large bouquet of red roses alone looks rather forced and uncreative. I want her to see that you have thought about it. That is much more important. A single little flower that you know she likes, and then in your favorite color, with the note “I’m thinking of you,” and she is happy!