Which Are The High Profile Accounting Careers?

Pursuing finance and accounting career is a smart move, considering the accounting outlook for jobs is flourishing. If one wants to enter the job market, before that they have to gain better understanding of the several high profile accounting careers that are currently available in the market.

Several organizations are on a look out for recruiting the top and skilled professionals who works towards meeting the organizational goals. A few of the top profile accounting careers with average salaries are as follows:

· Senior Financial Analyst

Average Salary: USD 94,543

Analyzing the financial health of a business and supporting the guide investment decisions is the job of any financial analyst. Certain financial analyst duties can differ based on the requirement of an organization. This role is more flexible in comparison to several other accounting jobs. This position is best suitable for those who are interested in data extracting, financial modeling, maintenance of spreadsheets, building investment aspects, communicating with investors and management, as well as forecasting.

· Managerial Accountant

Average Salary: USD 62,132

A managerial accountant is someone who is in charge of analyzing costs and profits, and planning, preparing financial reports for internal employees. Their job involves helping high-level executives take informed and financially driven decisions. If one aims to be a managerial accountant then for them doing a CIMA certification is considered as the best option. This credential offers the right knowledge that is required to excel in this position.

· Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Average Salary: USD 177,546

A Chief Financial Officer is mainly responsible for handling the financial department in an organization. To be the best in their job they must excel in a few key areas like financial and risk management, performance, business strategy.

· Auditor

Average Salary: USD 60,232

This is the most chosen finance and accounting career among the several individuals globally. An auditor is someone who inspects, organizes and examines the organization’s financial records and also maintains accuracy and reliability. The role of an auditor can change based on the firms, industry or the type of auditor such as internal, external, government, or forensic.

Apart from these there are many other high profile career options in accounting. You can explore more to understand better before choosing the right one.

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