Where To Stay In London: The Best Neighborhoods For Your Visit

To write my essay as a part of my research, I reached out to a few frequent visitors to the UK and asked them what places here are best to stay. The answers were worth questioning and I literally had a good time listening to all the amazing experiences. Your presence here makes it evident that you are soon landing in the swinging city too. The UK is the place where royalties live, the home to Big Ben, and a place where people love to visit with the love of their life. If you have finally got the visa in your hands and are finding places with great neighborhoods, check out the below reviews.

Since they are from the audience like you, I hope you soon find your dream place to live. Now, let’s not wait anymore and jump straight into what our visitors say.


Since we have already hinted about the land where the royalties live, let’s start with St.James. My interviewee Marli Tindon visited St.James 4 months back with her university mates and absolutely loved her time here. Let’s have a look at what she had to tell us.

So, I and my friends booked seven rooms in a hotel here and we were literally within a walking distance of Buckingham Palace. One of my friends could even see this heritage building from her room’s window. The area was clean and green and we had three parks nearby where we used to go daily and spend time talking to the locals. Green Park among them was one of the nicest places where we witnessed people having a nice time there. Every evening mommies living nearby would come with their kids and while the children play, mommies were having a good time chitchatting. There was also a national gallery and a theatre, adding more essence to the view in the vicinity. If you are an art and craft fan and love walking out and munching on British traditional snacks, St.James is a place you must plan your stay over at.

Marli Tindon – Canberra, Australia

Shore’s Ditch

Next in the line, we have the famous Shore’s Ditch. It is a district located at the east end of London. My interviewee Ryan is one of the liveliest people I have ever known and he is loving his stay at Shore’s Ditch. According to him, people who love the hustle and bustle of the city and are a fan of noise must visit this place at least once.

He said:

”I am not exaggerating it but absolutely a fan moment. Shore’s Ditch is undoubtedly one of the most happening places in east London. I am here with my boys to celebrate one of our friend’s bachelorette party and we men are having a ball of a time. There are trendy bars nearby and we have also found some really cool coffee cafes. For people like us who live for parties, club nights, delicious meals, and street shopping, this place is a perfect recommendation. My boss suggested me to stay here and I am going to give him a big hug when I return back. It is not a place where you will find heritage scenes and museums. Instead, this place perfectly depicts what street art and nightlife are. I have been to central London as well but east London will forever have my heart. Also, I loved the bartenders here. They are so amazing and their skills plus drinks, Oh my god!

Ryan Costa – Salvador, Brazil

Kensington or Chelsea

Kensington or Chelsea is ideal for people who have a posh lifestyle. The glitz and glamour of this area are all it is famous about. However, you must have deep pockets to stay near this place. My friend Lilly with her mother Kiara visited this place pre-pandemic and they absolutely loved vacationing here. Since Lilly’s mother is a fashion designer, she had access to some jaw-dropping boutiques here where they actually found celebrities buying their outfits. The place is all about the expensive and exclusive things so the hotel charges, food, etc. are all high-priced nearby.

Lilly told me:

“If you wish to see London’s elegant side, Chelsea is your place! Our tour guide did tell us there are some exquisite museums but boy, the pleasing to the eye they are! Mind Blowing! From the center of London, it hardly took us 30 minutes to come here and we decided to go by tube because why not? This place also has the charming Notting hill in its neighbors, which is again a treat to the eyes. Since mama wanted to check out high-class attires here, we also went to some luxury boutiques, and man! I just cannot wait to go back!”

Lilly Ethan – Nova Scotia, Canada


Southall is a great place to live in if you are an Indian or Pakistani family vacationing in the UK. Everyone who visits the UK from these counties never for once misses their homeland in London. The sound of the place, vibe, and aura is a lot like Pakistan and India and even people not from these countries come to visit Southall to enjoy yummy ‘desi’ food.

My last interviewee is from Pakistan and here is what he had to say:

So this is my first time visiting the Southall. My cousins live here so this time me and my family came from our stay in Liverpool to enjoy with them. I kid you not I was stunned to see how people enjoy our local food here. The local sweet shops and boutiques have all got my eyes glued. The neighborhood of this area is amazing and the people here are genuinely kind and caring. The good part is I came here on the independence day of Pakistan, which is the 14th, august and I was glad to see how people were celebrating the event exactly the way we do in our homeland. From having nice places to visit and having nice hotels to enjoy good food, Southall is a great place for Pakistanis as well as Indians to visit.”

Ali Sibtain – Karachi, Pakistan


The way these reviews helped me write my essay, they will help you find the best place to stay and visit too. Here I would like to mention that I’ve been living in the UK all my life and I can agree with each and every word said. If you have come across some other recommendations, let us know in the comment section. I will try to them all in my next article.