When Can You Go To Bed After Dysport Treatment?

As we become older, we start to see the changes our face has undergone from years of expressing a wide range of emotions. Because of frowning, you might start to notice fine lines and wrinkles forming across your forehead or in the space between your eyebrows. Although skin elasticity loss and wrinkles are a natural aspect of aging, they are curable. A pharmaceutical injectable called Dysport treatment can minimize dynamic wrinkles without altering the way your face looks or moves. You may get answers to all of your body- and health-related questions at Jon Ric International Health and Wellness in Edmond, Oklahoma.

What Is Dysport?

An FDA-approved injectable botulinum toxin, Dysport is comparable to procedures like Botox in that it can significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and frown lines. This therapy, which is also known as a neuromodulator, blocks the nerves’ chemical signals to the facial muscles for a brief period, causing them to relax rather than contract. As a result, the lines and wrinkles caused by years of repeated facial expressions can be smoothed out and softened, giving the face a younger, more lively appearance.


Despite having a comparable composition to other neuromodulators, this medication offers distinct, easy, and natural outcomes. This treatment requires fewer injections than rivals like Botox because of its often higher dose administration. The sessions are brief and simple. You may get in and out of the chair in only ten to fifteen minutes. The best part is that there is absolutely no downtime after injections, and effects are usually noticeable 3 days after your session. It’s a safe and efficient procedure, and unless you tell someone, they won’t know you had a Dysport session!

How Does It Function?

This procedure targets particular nerves, usually those in charge of the muscles in the forehead, and interferes with the signals that tell the muscles to contract. This lessens muscle activity in the area that will receive treatment and keeps your skin smooth, delaying the appearance of wrinkles.

Your natural facial movements prevent the “frozen” appearance frequently linked with botulinum toxins, leaving only your usual expressions and less wrinkling on your forehead and in the space between your brows.


Your doctor might suggest this procedure if you initially discuss anti-wrinkle therapies with them because it has a track record of successfully reducing forehead wrinkles. To make sure that this is the right treatment for you, make sure to ask any questions you may have concerning the course of treatment and its outcomes.

Your doctor will also examine your skin to check for any issues that might necessitate a different course of therapy. A history of prior facial surgery, severe facial scarring, abnormally weak muscles in the treatment area, and particularly thick skin are a few examples of things you might bring up with your doctor.


If you’d like, your doctor can apply a numbing lotion to your forehead throughout the procedure to ensure your maximum comfort. Dysport Injections are directly injected into the intended treatment location. Five injection sites are frequently placed across your forehead, just above your eyebrows. I’m done now. Less than 20 minutes have passed since you first sat down, and your session is now complete.


There is no downtime necessary for this procedure. There are no negative side effects, and you can resume your regular activities right after. We’ll discuss some items to stay away from later to ensure that your treatment is effective. You should also carefully adhere to your doctor’s post-session care and activity recommendations. Understanding the effects of lying down after a Dysport is crucial.


Results may start to show up as soon as two days after your session. Your forehead may feel heavy, which is an indication that the medication is starting to completely block your nerve signals. Usually, this sensation goes away a week after your final results are shown. When you express yourself after this, you’ll notice that your brow stays wrinkle-free, maintaining the smoothness and suppleness of your skin. Contact your doctor if, after 7 days of treatment, you have not noticed any improvements.

Up to four months may pass before you see effects. The effects of the botulinum toxins will start to fade, and your brow’s muscles will start to move normally again. You should talk with your doctor about a repeating treatment plan that’s appropriate for you based on your intended objectives.

What Can I Do to Get the Best Results?

There are numerous strategies to make sure you get the best outcomes from your therapy; these include getting ready for your appointment and keeping in mind some helpful advice once the treatment is finished. Talk to your doctor about any additional post-treatment instructions they may have for you, such as how lying down after treatment for Dysport may influence the treatment’s effectiveness.

  • Prepare for Success
  • Post-Session Strategies
  • Make Some Faces
  • Don’t Hit the Gym
  • Wait to Apply Makeup
  • Stay Upright
  • Keep the Pressure Off
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Don’t Combine Treatments
  • Use Additional Anti-Aging Products
  • Commit to Maintenance Sessions

Am I the ideal applicant?

For both men and women concerned about the look of lines and wrinkles on their forehead, Dysport is the ideal treatment choice. There is no minimum age requirement for this therapy because wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement and can be severely impacted by elements like damaging sun exposure.

It is suitable for any adult and produces good outcomes for a variety of ages. For women who are expecting or nursing, this treatment is not recommended. Additionally, if you’ve ever experienced an adverse reaction to a product containing botulinum toxin, cow’s milk protein, or any of the other chemicals in this product, it may not be the best option for you.


Age-related changes are a natural aspect of life. Because of your wrinkles, you might be unsure of how you can feel attractive and at ease in your own skin. By providing a simple, quick, and safe procedure that makes you appear and feel younger, Dysport can soothe your concerns.