WhatsApp Business Features You Should Know About

whatsapp business features

WhatsApp has swiftly become the preferred messaging programme for over 1.6 billion people all over the world. It’s a quick, simple, and handy method for friends and family to talk, email, receive documents and have secure chats at any time of day or night. Now that WhatsApp has released a business API, firms all around the world are itching to adopt it. Companies can send appointment reminders, shipping warnings, order notifications, product demonstration videos, verification codes, boarding permits, and many other things using WhatsApp’s commercial model. It’s more personal and international to communicate with, and it’s protected by end-to-end encryption, which is why Whatsapp is so trusted.

Features of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp business features are numerous; however, users must understand how to use them properly and make the most out of them. Small business owners will benefit from the programme, which focuses on reducing their headaches by delivering features that will assist them in promoting and carrying out their business. Check out the following Whatsapp Business features

Business Profile

Users can build a Business Profile with additional details in the Whatsapp for Business service, compared to the regular Whatsapp, which is one of the key benefits of having a Whatsapp Business account. They can display their products using the catalogue feature. In addition, they can also include information such as their business name, description, address, and the types of products and services they provide, as well as links to their websites and products in this profile.

Automated Messages


Automated messages are available to Whatsapp Business users. This feature allows the company to send an automated greeting message to any user who sends a message to that account. The account owner can customise this automated message and change it as needed. This feature also includes a ‘Send away message’ capability that allows the user to create an automatic message for when the business account is offline.

Quick Responses

Another messaging-based solution that helps business owners save time is quick answers. By placing the ‘/’ sign first in their chat, the user can create and save short messages to use later. This will bring up the user’s quick reply options, which they can use to respond to the most common inquiries they receive.

Filter for Advanced Search

The search option on a normal Whatsapp account already lets you find most items, but Whatsapp for Business adds another level of accessibility. Unread messages, group messages, broadcast messages, and labels specified by the users can all be searched for.

Chat Labels

Chat Labels are another useful feature of the software; it allows the user to identify specific talks and subsequently categorise them. Labels assist the user in categorising their customers based on various colours and details such as new customers, new orders, pending payments, and so on.

Feature of Short Links

Before starting a chat on the app, personal accounts need the user to save a contact number to their phone. The situation is different with Whatsapp Business, where a user may build a short link and distribute it to several customers. Then, customers can touch on the link to begin chatting with the business account without having to remember the phone number.

Whatsapp business features give businesses a digital way to engage with their customers and stay relevant in an increasingly digital environment. Mtalkz can help you reap the benefits of enhanced customer interactions. It also offers a better shopping experience with its one-stop solutions and services. To know more about the services, click here.

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