What You Should Know About Industry Nine

The company is an innovator when it comes to producing high quality video games How Comics Industry Implosion. They manufacture almost all of their components in the U.S. and have a great company culture. Industry Nine is a great example of a modern gaming company that understands customer service. This is evident in their focus on quality and sound. The company is also very supportive of its employees and believes in giving them the best possible experience. There are some things you should know before you buy their games.


Clint Spiegel

This is Clint Spiegel, a self-described “workaholic” from Asheville, North Carolina. His company, Industry Nine, is a leader in manufacturing ventilator components. Spiegel says the company has found a number of opportunities in the ventilator manufacturing industry. He says his company can manufacture the components of the ventilator in large volumes. The company has also partnered with a company in Old Fort, North Carolina that produces personal protection equipment for cyclists.

Before starting Industry Nine, Clint Spiegel started eight different companies. Before turning to bicycle hub design, he worked with his mother and father to make a living. After he finished high school, he returned to the company to help with various projects. He also worked as a weekend employee at the company, which gave him valuable experience in the manufacturing process. Eventually, he sold his other companies and focused on manufacturing cycling components.

After graduating from college, Clint Spiegel worked in a machine shop for Turnamics, Inc., and ramped up production for the RockShox suspension company. Eventually, the company moved production overseas and closed their North Carolina facility. This crippled the local suspension industry, as it was unable to compete with the low-labor costs of international manufacturing. However, with the company’s newfound success, Spiegel began to develop his own line of bicycle wheels.

Industry Nine is a high-end wheel manufacturer that has developed a reputation for creating high-performance wheels. This brand focuses on improving performance and weight efficiency without sacrificing strength. Clint Spiegel started Industry Nine in 2004. He also owns Turnamics Inc., a machine shop where he learned the basics of the business. During this time, he began to realize his passion for high-precision manufacturing.

Production process

The first step in the production process of the bicycle wheel company Industry Nine is to design and build the wheels Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Search. This process is a labor-intensive one, so Clint Spiegel, the head engineer and owner of Industry Nine, made sure that each wheel is crafted with the utmost care. He also wanted the factory to be a fun place to work. To achieve this goal, he designed the factory’s interior and exterior with meticulous attention to detail.

The spokes and hubs are then polished before they’re sent to the AnoLab. Industry Nine recently revamped their AnoLab to make it easier for customers to design wheels. While the facility isn’t particularly swanky, it is a series of shiny stainless steel wash stations and bubbling baths. Once the wheels are polished and ready to ship, they go through a process known as anodizing, which is another way to add color to the bike.

After the wheels are finished, the head wheel builder performs a quality check to ensure that they’re within tolerances and true. This helps ensure that the bike’s components are well-designed and made to last. The quality check involves pulling down the wheel periodically to ensure that it’s true and tensioned. If it isn’t, the bike will have an unnecessary bearing load, which can cause premature failure. The head wheel builder also makes sure that the wheel’s tension is correct, and that the bearing bore is within specifications.

The next step in the production process of the Industry Nine bicycle hub is anodizing. Industry Nine uses its own anodizing process that drastically cuts the time required for the production of each wheel. For example, they polish the stems and hubshells of System wheels before they are anodized. Then they dunk the components in a tank, varying the time spent in the process. This process is known as hard anodizing, and there are two types of anodizing: soft anodizing and hard anodizing.


The Sound Industry Nine pedals have a simple, yet impressive design. They have an angular shape that mimics the shape of a wheel. They also have the benefit of being ultra-lightweight and feature a ratcheting mechanism that makes for an incredibly pleasing ride. The result is a pedal that feels immediately engaged. And because their products have an easy-to-maintain routine, they can be used for a long time.


The owners of Industry Nine have been making high-quality bicycle components for over 20 years. Clint Spiegel has worked on a wide range of projects for companies that make components for cycling. He once fabricated parts for early Rock Shox models and helped Cane Creek engineers develop hub designs. His passion for quality is evident in every aspect of Industry Nine. Here’s a look at how the company stays on top of quality standards. What makes an Industry Nine crankset the best?

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