What should you know about the best school in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most internationalized cities globally, with people from all corners of the globe coming to work and live here. To cater to the large Indian population in Abu Dhabi, several Indian schools offer an education modeled after the Indian public school system. One such school is GIIS in Abu Dhabi, which provides high-quality education to its students

GIIS  is a public high school in Abu Dhabi that caters to the Indian community in Abu Dhabi. The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and offers classes from grades 9 to 12. GIIS in Abu Dhabi is known for its quality education and has produced many successful students over the years.

As seen at Global Indian International School (GIIS), one of the top Indian schools in Abu Dhabi, the change toward developing future-ready persons begins with future-ready processes and practices. Our students are prepared to excel in a dynamic, multi-faceted global context through a unique curriculum, cutting-edge technology, and inventive thinking rooted in solid value systems.

9 GEM-STEM holistic learning framework at this Indian Public High School in Abu Dhabi

This pedagogy focuses on nine crucial components of your child’s growth. It integrates academics with sports and creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership with innovation, and promotes each child’s emotional and life skills, allowing them to develop into well-rounded individuals. This is what sets us apart from other Abu Dhabi Indian Public high schools. The school offers the renowned 9 GEMS program to further strengthen a student’s real-life competencies. The following qualities are the emphasis of this 9 GEMS model:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Sports Excellence
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Personality Development
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership
  • Universal Values and Ethics
  • Community and Care
  • Skills Development

Global Montessori Plus for a joyful start to learning

GIIS offers a one-of-a-kind, solid Early Years Foundations program among Abu Dhabi’s nursery schools. Global Montessori Plus, or GMP as it is more often known, provides a strong foundation for young children in kindergarten, instilling a “tech-creative” mindset that will prepare them for the future. When you add in GIIS Abu Dhabi’s interactive teaching, learning, and assessment environment, you can be confident that your kid is receiving an unrivaled academic foundation in one of the best kindergarten schools in the UAE.

  • Montessori Education
  • Play & Learn
  • Performing & Visual Arts
  • Tech-based Learning
  • Universal Values
  • i-Care

Even in kindergarten, the school emphasizes developing a child’s analytical and logical skills. For Kindergarten kids, it offers the world-renowned Montessori Plus program. So, keep these things in mind when looking at the school fees at this Indian and International School in Abu Dhabi.

Scope of scholarships at GIIS School in Abu Dhabi

Students at GIIS, Indian Public High School School Abu Dhabi have access to some of the most significant scholarship programs available. They award scholarships to students based on their merit. There are numerous scholarships available, such as –

  • Global Future-ready scholarship
  • Global citizen scholarship
  • Zayed Gandhi Means cum Merit scholarship
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skill Scholarship
  • 9Gems Holistic Development scholarship
  • GIIS Superstar Scholarship

Each of these scholarships has different criteria, and scholarships are available for students of all ages.

Ensuring your child learns the skills of the future

  • Makerspaces 

Innovative settings are created to bring forth latent creativity in every child. Raw materials, kits, and other things are available in these zones for students to design, manufacture, and prototype their own parts, which will be used as building blocks for various projects, including robotics. For example, they gave students raw materials, nuts, and bolts with which to construct an airplane, which they not only built but also flew.

  • Robotics

One of the foundations of the GIIS program is this rapidly evolving topic. It not only teaches force, motion, mechanics, and programming but also promotes teamwork, project management, critical thinking, and logical analysis.

  • Coding

GIIS is well on its way to providing its students with the most essential language that computers speak: coding, in preparation for a progressively more digital world. From the primary grades onwards, it is one of the centerpieces of our multifaceted curriculum.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Creation and innovation are two key elements in all of GIIS’ learning frameworks. Disruptive ideas and computer savvy from a young age ensure a higher IQ, preparing our pupils for the AI world of the future.


Our modern campus is technologically advanced, with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) oriented progressive learning spaces that promote a free exchange of ideas.

  • Entrepreneurship

They will focus the Global Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship on seven pillars that will lead to entrepreneurship through innovation.


To summarize, Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi is a school that provides for a child’s overall growth. From high-quality education to economic education to the best chances and facilities, there is something for everyone. GIIS Abu Dhabi is, without a doubt, one of Abu Dhabi’s best schools. Overall, the Indian public high school in Abu Dhabi seems to be an excellent option for those looking for affordable and reputable education. The school offers a variety of programs and services designed to meet its students’ needs. Additionally, the staff appears to be highly qualified and committed to providing quality education. If you consider enrolling your child in this school, it is definitely worth taking a closer look.