What makes UAE best luxurious destination in the world

The UAE comprises seven states federation, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Fujayrah, Al-Shariqah, Ajman, Ras al Khaymah, and Umm al Qaywayn.


The UAE best luxurious destination has built excellent infrastructure using enormous resources. You can find the best tourist attractions, business opportunities, and luxurious lifestyles across the UAE, Dubai Visa.


Dubai is the most populous city in UAE. Surprisingly, most of the population is ex-pats in UAE, reflecting how the quality of life prevails.


Handsome infrastructure, incredible shopping malls, state-of-the-art transport system, and free zone in the world make UAE a luxurious destination for business and tourism perspective. Millions of people are catching up on the UAE, and the world’s renowned multinational companies have put it in place, considering it the best for investment.

Shopping paradise

As a duty-free zone, there are hundreds of shopping malls in UAE. The world’s largest shopping arcades and malls serve you everything. Let’s look at some of the best malls in UAE.


  •   Al Wahda Mall– a beautiful mall in Abu Dhabi attracting visitors and locals with many amusements, on-site activities, and best-quality stuff.
  •   Dubai Outlet Mall– One exception in shopping, dining, and cater for all needs. Worth visiting the place that offers sales and discounts all the time, and almost all the brands
  •   Yas Mall– Situated in the center of Yas Island. It has plenty of activities to do whether you look for an entertaining area, cinema screens, family recreation zones, and much more.
  •   Mall of Emirates– Mall of Emirates offers excellent opportunities to its visitors, like shopping material, fabulous hotels, entertainment avenues, and offices. It was built in front of Dubai creek.
  •   Ibn-e-Battuta Mall– displays six different zones of the world consisting of India, Persia, Egyptian, Tunisia, China, and Andalusia. You may taste the local cuisine of these regions.
  • All above, Dubai central city, City Center Mirdif, Wafi city also there to visit presenting a bunch of entertainment and shopping excitements. That’s how people refer UAE as a shopping paradise, istanbul cappadocia antalya itinerary.


Top – 05 Luxuoroius Hotels in UAE

People visiting UAE know; that it has terrific hotels across the country. With fantastic architecture and a unique atmosphere, they are just unparalleled.


These splendid hotels take you to the next level of comfort and enjoyment. The excellent Arabic-style infrastructure would surprise you. Besides serving you with hotel amenities, it provides the best spaces for your business needs.


Let’s take a quick preview of these stunning hotels.

Atlantis, The Palm Hotel

palm hotel

Atlantis, the Palm is such an amazing building. You can’t help visiting this glittering structure and may experience the best luxury at this hotel. It has become a signature building; whoever visits UAE must capture it for memorable pictures.


Emirates Palace

A five-star rated place. It serves unique cuisine, temperature-controlled water pools, a spa, and comfortable rooms. It is worth seeing architecture decorated with fantastic children playing areas and entertainment zone.


Park Hayat Dubai


On the verge of majestic Dubai greek, the Park Hayat has a great luxury. It has six restaurants, Spas, beautiful swimming pools, and event spaces.


Located 10 minutes from Airport, Burj Al-Khalifa, and Gold Dubai Souk. The place is famous for its Yachting, Golf club, sightseeing, and private fishing.

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The hotel was inaugurated in 1997, owned by the UAE-based Company “Jumeirah. The hotel offers various services, such as spacious rooms, suites, beach-facing villas, and bars.


The hotel building is the 9th tallest building in Dubai.


Paramount Hotel & Resort

Paramount Hotel & Resort consists of four skyscraper blocks. Each of the blocks is 270 meters tall and contains 68 floors.


The property has multiple entertainment zones, kids’ clubs, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, and many more facilities, which brings it to the list of top contemporary hotels and resorts.

Tourism industry’s Role in making UAE a luxury destination

Tourism in the UAE has become a significant contributor to the economy of the UAE. The stats reflect that the tourism industry has created more than six million jobs in the UAE.


The revenue gained through tourism is over 12% of the country’s GDP—all it made possible by building an excellent infrastructure in the UAE. The rulers of the UAE envisaged elevating the country’s economy.


Let’s briefly look at the best tourist attractions in the UAE.


            Burj Al Khalifa (Burj Dubai)

The Burj Al Khalifa known as Burj Dubai too. The magnificent skyscraper’s total height is almost 829 meters (2722 ft), and it’s the world’s tallest building.


With 163 floors, it provides 30,000 homes, a great parking area, and a big artificial lake. The development of Burj Al Khalifa was to diversify the economy of the UAE.


Desert Activities


Leading into the desert, the countryside of Dubai with a 4×4 sandbank bashing entertaining tourists with full thrill. A must-do activity while you visit UAE. Also, spend a fabulous time in the desert with tasty cuisines.


Tour of Dubai Marina


A chartered shared Cruise takes you to a thrilling view of city skylines from the water. You will enjoy the yummy breakfast and dinner of your interest, and it always includes in the touring plans of tourists.


La Perle show


Dip into an un-ended entertainment at the La Perle. Enjoy the show’s live performances related to acrobats, theatres, and eye-opening stunts. You can buy the ticket with plenty of options, and I can’t tell it more; try it out and make your visit superb.


Desert Safari

If you are fond of doing adventures, it’s definitely for you. Grab this activity, and make your dream true. Additionally, have a great dinner, BBQ, camel rides, and witness the sunset over the desert.


So the visit to UAE, uae entry visa is supposed to be a mixture of various activities one must go through to enjoy the next level of touristic imagination. How do you find this article? Let me know, and suggest what I missed. I know I can’t cover all of my experience. Have a great day.