What Makes Rose Quartz Special – Interesting Facts

Rose Quartz Special

Every gemstone has something unique in itself. Rose quartz is one of the most precious gemstones with richness and elegance. It is used in making earrings, pendants, and rings of various shapes. The unique color of rose quartz differentiates it from other gemstones.

Pick the color of rose quartz that will match your normal outfit or party wear. This gemstone is also used in feng shui and rich quality jewelry. Rose quartz can be real or fake depending on your choice and budget.

This gemstone is also connected with zodiac signs. It is also mentioned in different cultures and traditions. In this blog, we will discuss how to know real and fake rose quartz with some interesting facts about this gemstone. 

Major Differences Between a Real and Fake Rose Quartz

Just like other gemstones, rose quartz can be real and fake as well. You can differentiate real rose quartz from a fake gemstone by looking at the following factors such as:

1. Color

The first factor to look at in real vs fake rose quartz differentiation is the color of the gemstone. Rose quartz comes in a variety from light pink to dark pink. Large-size gemstones often come in the deepest and darkest colors. On the other hand, the smaller rose quartz gemstones are light-colored.

You can easily get larger rose quartz gemstones in the market whereas smaller gemstones are very rare. If you see very bright or dark-colored rose quartz, it might be a fake gem.

2. The Hardness of The Stone

The next thing to look at is the hardness of the stone. A real rose quartz gemstone has a rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. Real rose quartz can scratch glass or steel pieces. It is also a tough gemstone. If you cannot scratch steel or glass pieces with a stone, it is probably fake rose quartz. Checking hardness is also an easy way to know whether it is a true or fake gemstone.

3. Transparency of The Gemstone

The transparency of rose quartz gemstone will help you to know whether it is a real or fake stone. Real rose quartz does not have clarity or transparency. It has minor inclusions and flaws that you can see with a microscope. These inclusions give a cloudy look to rose quartz gemstone.

If you see transparent rose quartz at a low price, it might be a fake gemstone. Real rose quartz gemstones always have a cloudy and milky appearance.

4. See the Bubbles on the Stone

Another effective way to know whether a gemstone is real or fake is through bubbles. Dye glass with rose color gives it a look of a real rose quartz gemstone. You can check for round air bubbles by using a magnifying glass. You can also look at bubbles on the stone with your eyes.

If you can see bubbles on the gemstone, it is a fake rose. Real rose quartz gemstones do not contain any round air bubbles or small bubbles.

Interesting Facts About Rose Quartz Gemstone

We discussed a lot of things about the Rose Quartz gemstone. Now, we will discuss amazing facts about Rose Quartz in detail:

1. Gemstone Has Healing Properties

Do you know that rose quartz has healing properties? It has amazing luster and a nice appearance with strong healing properties. Wearing this stone will relax your mind and bring happiness. You will feel fresh after wearing jewelry of rose quartz gemstone. It also creates love in your heart. You will get the benefit of emotional healing by using rose quartz regularly.

2. Rose Quartz is Always Large

Rose quartz gemstone is available mostly in large sizes starting from inches to feet. Because of the large size of rose quartz, it is easy to use it in making pieces of jewelry such as pendants, earrings, and rings. You can also use rose quartz for making hard stone sculptures and other things. However, these sculptures are very rare in the world.

In addition, this gemstone is a group of interlocked crystals making a large mass. It occurs mostly in crystalline forms. Normal stones available in the market are not rose quartz gemstones. They have inclusions and some flaws. Apart from that, the stones also lose their shade when exposed to sunlight or other forms of light. They are not similar to rose quartz gemstones with a pinkish shade.

3. Asterism Effect

One of the best characteristics of rose quartz is Asterism. It is an effect when the stone shows a star-like figure when you keep it under the light. Asterism in the gemstone is caused because of various inclusions. If you see the Asterism effect in the stone, the stone is of a rich quality rose quartz gemstone.

Rose quartz gemstone with Asterism effect is very rare and expensive.  On the other hand, lower-quality gemstones are available in small sizes and at lower prices as well. Colorful cabochons in the center of the stone increase its price.

The asterism effect depends on the work of the stone cutter. The value of rose quartz largely depends on the stone’s cut and the color of a gemstone. Many people choose lower-end cabochons from online jewelry stones as they are available at a low price

4. Rose Quartz Has Mythological Importance

Do you know that rose quartz has mythological significance? This gemstone was also used in ancient times by many people. Many cultures believe that rose quartz gemstone is related to faith and trust. Both Greeks and Romans have their own beliefs when the thing is about rose quartz gemstone.

In addition, this gemstone is related to many mythological tales of Aphrodite and Adonis. Since the olden days, this stone has been known as the “Stone of Love”. Even Grecian myths mention rose quartz in their books. Moreover, the gemstone was regarded as a sacred stone in Greek and Roman history.

5. Connection to Feng Shui

Rose quartz is also connected to Feng Shui. It is widely used as a love stone and body healer because of its excellent healing properties. People get pots, wealth pots, red string, and Mandarin ducks made from a rose quartz stone to get a successful life, wealth, fame, and prosperity.

Final Words

These are some amazing facts about a rose quartz gemstone that you may not know. You can easily distinguish between real and fake gemstones by looking at the following qualities. These methods are helpful to identify a real or fake stone.

You can consider the factors listed in the above section when buying a pair of earrings or rings of rose quartz.