hoodies embroidered custom

Customizing hoodies is what makes them different from your rival brands and companies. Even if you are not a brand, you sometimes want your ideas, pictures, or artwork on your hoodies. And when it comes to customizing hoodies, embroidery is one of the options that you can go for. You can get hoodies embroidered custom as per your design and artwork using embroidery. Some people prefer embroidery over other customization techniques, while some consider embroidery a gold standard.

In this article, we will discuss embroidery, and we will also tell you about the pros and cons of embroidery. After reading this article, you will be well aware of what embroidery is, and you will know about the advantages and disadvantages of embroidery as well. It will help you decide when customizing hoodies for your brand or yourself.

What is Embroidery?

hoodies embroidered custom

Embroidery is a technique in which you use a needle to pass to apply thread into the garments to modify them. You are not limited to only making designs using embroidery; instead, you can also stitch pearls and beads into the fabric as per your choice.

It is a beautiful way of customizing your garments, and the best part is that it is long-lasting if done right and if you use high-quality yarns or threads in embroidery. You can use threads of various colours and use various combinations on garments. Nowadays, applique embroidery is also trendy in which you already have a number which is laser cut, and you stitch their edges onto the garments.

History of the Embroidery

Embroidery has a rich history, and the history goes back to the 5th century BC. What started as a way of mending the clothing with other pieces to fill the holes converted into a process in which people started stitching threads into clothing to produce beautiful designs. The level of craftsmanship found in history does not match today’s world. 

Even in those times, people used embroidery to make beautiful designs on clothes. As time passed, wealthy people, especially women, started to love these designs on their clothing. Eventually, people started doing embroidery on their clothing. And now we can easily find hoodies embroidered custom as per our liking on brands.

Pros of Embroidery 

Embroidery has a lot of pros, and the pros outweigh its cons. It is a technique with a rich history, and people love it to the date because it looks beautiful and has a longer life than many other techniques available on the market. It also gives an expensive look, among many other things. Following are the pros of embroidery.

  • The best pro of embroidery is that it has a longer life than many other techniques available on the market. Some other techniques like screen printing and heat transfer vinyl can peel off or fade with time, but you can be sure that embroidery will remain intact.
  • The embroidery depicts luxury and quality, and even to date, many big brands use embroidery for their logos on polo shirts, hoodies and t-shirts.
  • You can use multiple colours in the embroidery, and you can go up to 20 colours, and you don’t have to pay extra for it, but in the case of screen printing, the more the colours, the more your supplier will charge you.
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  • They have high-quality finishing and will give your garment an enhanced and more professional look. It is durable, so most workwear brands use this technique to put their brands on hoodies, polos, t-shirts and jackets.

Cons of the Embroidery

When it comes to embroidery, it does not have a lot of cons, which is why people love to buy hoodies embroidered custom instead of screen printing and other techniques. It goes very well with dense fabrics, but you should avoid using it on fabrics that have lighter GSM. Following are some of the cons of embroidery.

  • It is more expensive than many other techniques like heat transfer vinyl and screen printing, and the price will go higher with the increase in the number of stitches. The suppliers calculate the price of embroidery by calculating the number of stitches.
  • It is not feasible when it comes to lighter GSM fabrics. Let’s suppose if you want to customize t-shirts of 140 or 160 grams, you should avoid using embroidery, and if you want to use it, then only go for small logos.
  • If you want small or complicated designs, then embroidery is not suitable for such designs.
  • You can not create gradient designs which means if you want two or more colours to blend in between each other, this is not something you can do using embroidery.

When choosing the perfect option for your hoodies embroidered custom, you should choose your customization technique accordingly.


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