What Is An Emergency First Aid Course? Know The Details

First aid is often referred to as an emergency aid. This is because it is the first skilled assistance that is given to a victim on the occurrence of an accident or sudden illness. So the main objective behind it is to preserve or save a life and prevent a further injury until qualified medical care is available.

However, to be effective in any form of true first aid, you must obtain some basic training or instruction. This will assist you in learning the skill. So for this, you can join an emergency first aid course online to acquaint yourself with all the basics. Now let us delve into the details.

How Can You Define The Concept Of First Aid?

Even though you might know what first aid is all about, there are certain aspects you need to remember to ensure that the treatment is effective. As we mentioned, it applies skills and techniques in a logical and prioritized sequence. So you need a basic idea to ensure you can help the victim. For instance, there are several medical courses in Dubai that you can opt for.

The scope of first aid is to apply a consistent set of standards and treatment logically. Moreover, a first aider should be able to assess the victim’s injuries, provide the primary treatment and make arrangements for their hospitalization or expert advice from qualified doctors.

What Are The Golden Rules Of First Aid?

Many of you might not have a clear idea of the golden rules of first aid. It is not at all as easy as it seems. Before providing someone with first aid, you must be aware of certain things. Have a look at some of the points to get an idea:

  • This is one of the first things you must do as a first aider. Assess the situation for any immediate danger quickly and methodically without panicking, and prioritize the most urgent situation/condition.
  • Make sure you remove the victim from the cause of injury or the cause of injury from the victim.
  • Resuscitate the victim, if necessary, and carry out general treatment of unconsciousness. You can join an emergency first aid course online to learn the steps.
  • Loosen all tight clothing or materials around the victim’s neck, waist, wrist, etc.
  • Arrest bleeding, cover all wounds, burns, or scalds, and immobilize all fractures.
  • Do not allow people to crowd a victim and do not move a victim unless you have to (dangerous environment, risk of falling debris, explosion, etc.)
  • Provide reassertion to the victim and get help as soon as possible.
  • Remember to improvise all necessary materials which are not readily available.
  • Guide against or treat for shock.
  • Make arrangements for the victim’s treatment at a nearby clinic or hospital.

You must follow the golden rules of first aid to ensure that you provide the best initial treatment to your victim.

Ending Note

You must have often heard that a patient’s life is saved after providing proper first aid. However, you should know the basics before taking it up; otherwise, it can worsen the case even more. Therefore, you can opt for a medical course in Dubai or elsewhere to learn the techniques. Always remember that an effective first aid at a proper time can help preserve life.

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