What is an Air Curtain Door?

An air curtain, a fan-powered device, is an invisible barrier that forms over a doorway. It allows two environments to be separated effectively without restricting access. These curtains were an invention that could reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 80%, while also protecting the internal climate through energy-saving air screens. It prevents pests, insects, dust, pollution, smells, and odors from entering the air.

Operation of the Air curtain Door:

An industrial air curtain function is dependent on the flow of high-velocity air, which covers all entrances. Air jets are placed on top of it to divide the warm and cold areas into 2 thermal zones. There are so many air curtain manufacturers and suppliers in Bangalore who make high-quality devices and help to maintain a warm and comfortable internal temperature while preventing cold air from entering the room. Its effective positioning can save up to 80% energy and increase its effectiveness.

Air Door technology:

According to the law of physics, air flows by equalizing temperature or pressure between two sides. An air door is placed on exchange points to control air transfer at high velocity. These are the three main factors that cause air to flow through doorways.

1. Temperature difference: 

This is the natural convection effect that creates airflow between two regions with a temperature difference.

2. Pressure difference: 

Air is prone to movement in the pressure difference area. It is important to balance the pressure difference to improve its performance. In some installations, such as clean zones or sanitized areas, a slight pressure difference can help to keep particles from getting in from the outside.

Wind, stack effect, and draughts can be modified to reduce forced-air movements such as wind or draughts. It will not work as efficiently if it is subject to excessive velocity.

Air Curtain Door Benefits:

The air door is a great example of technology that has successfully replaced inefficient and expensive products. There are four main advantages of these curtains:

Profitability improvement –

The “open door effect” increases sales. The visibility and accessibility of doors can make people more wealthy.

– Relieve discomfort from draughts

– Increases the usable space at entrances

– Improves customer and staff comfort

Hygiene enhancement –

– Maintains a healthy environment

– Insect and pest control

– Protects against dust, pollution, fumes, and other bad odors

Reduction in energy consumption –

– Lowers energy loss from the conditioned area and, in turn, load on the central heating/cooling plant.

Safety enhancement

– Cold rooms reduce misting and dry out the doorway. This prevents ice formation on floors.

Easy evacuation via the exit doorway in an emergency or case of fire.

– Fire smoke barrier (special application).

An air curtain door is highly recommended for open doors. It is important to choose the right curtain for your needs.