What is a web strategy?

A web strategy is what you plan to achieve an objective or goal using the web.
For example, if you are manufacturing a product and your goal is to increase its sales, the web strategy, in this case, can be the creation of an online store to sell it. You can then promote your store through social media posts and paid advertising on video channels like YouTube.

When a website is published on the Internet, it begins to compete with a large number of portals so that its content is visible and appears as the first option for users in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. It also enters into a popularity battle seeking to be shared by a channel or social network and become viral content. To be successful in this competition it is very important to have an excellent Web strategy defined.

Continuing with the previous example, suppose that when you do an in-depth study of the possible buyers of your product, you discover that most of them make their purchases in a specialized online store that has great prestige in that sector of the market. In that case, it would be a good idea to modify your strategy leaving the creation of your online store for a second phase and first find a way to distribute your product with that existing store. On the other hand, the design of your website could be focused, initially, to display product information and provide users with the contact information of your business.

The most effective web strategy does not start with creating a website. Rather, the creation of a website should be the result of a good web strategy.

Before establishing your web strategy, we invite you to think about the answers to the following questions:

What are the goals you hope to achieve by creating a website?

Maybe you already have a running business or just an idea, it is important that first of all you define what are the goals you want to achieve with the creation of a website.

What motivates you to create a website?

Examine what your motivation is for creating a website. Analyze if using this strategy will help you achieve the objectives set. On the page Do I need a website? We show you some reasons that can be useful in the creation of a website.

What is the type of market in which you want to compete?

Imagine a large supermarket with a wide variety of products grouped by category. The Internet works in a similar way, but by market sectors. For example, you can find portals for insurance companies, travel agencies, food distributors, among others. Find out who your target audience is, so it will be easier to identify what type of website you need (like losnegocios.mx)

What audience do you want to reach?

Define the profile of the people who will be the users of the site: establish their gender, age range, nationality, tastes… As much as you can, so it will be easier to know what type of strategy to use. For example, if it is a content or product for young people, a YouTube channel would work very well, even better than the creation of the website. You can think of the design of a web page as a complement to the channel.

Why do you think a website is the next step to develop your idea?

To answer this question, you must know very well what type of market you are going to compete in, what channels have given better results to similar portals, and what strategies can generate the greatest impact among your users. For example, if your website is about video games, you should keep in mind that you will need a good budget to create an online game on your own servers. A good strategy that you could apply is to distribute your applications as Facebook games, thus avoiding some expenses. Study what resources you have available and make a list of the advantages and disadvantages so that you can trace the ordered steps of your web strategy.

The previous questions can help you to design a strategy that is well directed to your objectives. Now it’s just a matter of putting your ideas into a concrete plan. You can start with a general description of the strategy like the example we gave you initially from the virtual store.