What is a SaaS-based Online Parcel Delivery Software?

Saas or Software as a Service is a modern and extensive method of delivering various services over the internet through a specific platform or software. Traditionally, you would need to install a complete software or package to use the same service. Alongside installing, you would also need to maintain it, update it regularly, and pay for a subscription. However, when you use saas-based software, you can perform every task efficiently by accessing it through the internet.

Delivery app

The dedicated maintains the software, updates it regularly, and provides the best tools for the user. All you need to do is implement your methods into the software, pay its fees, and you are good to go.

These days, online parcel delivery systems have opted for the saas-based software to perform more efficiently. The saas-based online parcel delivery system has proved to be game-changing for the entire sector.

The software directly uses cloud-based techniques, and you have on-demand access to the whole system without separately hosting any operations. The cloud technology has specifically boosted the use of this software since the developers can upload the tools and updates on public clouds, giving access to all.

The saas-based delivery management system is located remotely on the cloud to prevent cyber-attacks. Not only has this provided increased security to the overall system, but the companies can also access the various information remotely. The requir service is taken and paid for while the rest of the data is left.

When you compare a saas vs in-house vs clone software solution, you do not need to pay much for saas-based software, unlike the other two. You pay for the services you use, which makes saas-based software an affordable and equally efficient option for all your delivery management needs.

How to Use a SaaS-Based Online Parcel Delivery Software?

The reason saas-based parcel delivery software is so popular is due to the ease of use. Since you do not have to maintain or develop any backend operations, using this is easier than using an installed software or package. You do not buy a license or good copy when you use a saas-based delivery software. You purchase or pay for the rights to use this software developed and maintained in the public cloud.

Once you have determined the software you want to use, you need to partner with its service provider. The service provider provides you with the access to use the software, its functions, and its tools uploaded in the cloud. The main requirement for a service provider is to gain access to the cloud and its system.

You need to pay a subscription fee for all the services you acquire from the service provider. Most providers give you a monthly or annual fee structure, and you can pay for the services and time you require them for accordingly. However, depending on the service provider’s package, the subscription fee can vastly differ.

Moreover, most service providers give options for service tiers. In these tiers, the services provided are different along with the prices. These tiers also differ based on your requirements and the size of your organization.

After completing the subscription and payment process, the service provider creates your dedicated account in the system. You can access the software and its various tools uploaded in the cloud through this account. In simple words, this account serves as a key to open the gates of the cloud platform.

Since it is a saas-based software, you need to access the services from a general web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. This makes the overall system even more flexible since the software can be accessed from any place, any time, and on any device containing the login credentials. The data is never erased since it is stored in the cloud.

Coming to the updates in the situation, every bit is automate. For every update, the service provider notifies you about the changes. The provider then performs all the changes and updates in the cloud without you having to do anything. The updates are then automatically reflected on your software.

If your organization is ever-growing, but your package is stuck for a small business, you can always contact your service provider to upgrade your package. This makes the concept of a saas-based parcel solution even more flexible and popular among growing businesses. Accordingly, you will get access to more advanced services with high-end tools and features to take control of your delivery operations.

Through these usage points, you can clearly understand that saas-based delivery software is more affordable and efficient than in-house or clone software, where you need to pay more, even for the services you do not use.

Pricing Structure of a SaaS-based Online Parcel Delivery Software

You will find numerous options when you are out in the market, searching for a proper saas-based online parcel delivery software. All of them would offer different services at different price points. So, here we discuss some of the common ways a service provider would offer the subscription model.

  • Monthly subscription plan.
  • Annual subscription plan.
  • Pay per order or delivery.
  • Pay per task completed.
  • Pay per use or for a stipulated amount of use.
  • Other methods of paying.

A recent service recorded that out of the various saas-based delivery platforms available, the average cost for this service is around $182 per month. Moreover, here we have listed some of the top saas-based delivery software available in the market. Along with the names, we have also mentioned their average monthly subscription charges for your ready reference.

  • Onfleet- $149 per month
  • eLogii- $159 per month
  • Routific- $195 per month
  • Route 4 Me- $149 per month
  • Tookan- $159 per month
  • Optimoroute- $175.50 per month
  • Getswift- $290 per month

Advantages of SaaS-based Online Parcel Delivery Software

Here are some of the advantages of a saas-based parcel delivery software. These advantages form the reasons why it is so popular among new-age, growing businesses around the world.

Affordable Option

saas-based delivery software proves to be the most affordable option for delivery management. Considering the services provided from every platform and comparing their price points, even a small business can afford the services to benefit significantly. Since a service provider controls and maintains the overall system, you can be free of many worries.

Cloud-based Solution

This can be considered the most significant advantage a saas-based delivery software offers. Cloud technology makes the overall system safe, manageable, and highly interactive. No data is lost even after problems. Moreover, the updates are carried out remotely without in-house changes to the system.

Flexible Solution

The saas-delivery software can be flexible to all your delivery management needs. The software mentioned above can manage your logistical requirements and give benefits and positive outputs.


When you select a quality saas-based online parcel delivery software, they tend to offer end-to-end services while integrating all operations under a single roof. Since the modern-day saas platforms are cloud-base, it automatically skyrockets their efficiency as they provide the best results.

The cost also plays a significant role. The savings allow you to access more services to scale your business more. Alongside the security measures, you also get update and state-of-the-art tools to manage your online parcel delivery system.