What Does An I.T Support Person Do

Build computer systems

what does an I.T support person do

When you work as an IT support person, you’ll be responsible for maintaining all the computers in your department or division. You will help employees solve problems they have with their hardware and software, and keep their equipment running efficiently.

You will probably be asked to configure new devices and install software that students have bought through your institution.

In addition to being able to fix other people’s computers, you will need knowledge of how to set up networks, learn various applications, and more. Along with your knowledge of technology, you will also need strong communication skills – particularly written communications skills; these are likely to be tools used by colleagues and others in the organization who would want to get in touch with you.

Keep clients happy

what does an I.T support person do

“Keeping my employees informed” is perhaps the best way to describe this task. It includes telling people what they need to know about their jobs (as well as what they shouldn’t be doing), answering questions that they have, giving feedback, and training when necessary.

This can range from explaining how computers work to interns to educating managers on office policies. You will also help them learn new skills such as computer coding or how to use project management software.

It is important to note that you should only ever take on projects that are within your skill set. Nobody wants a job that makes them look bad or is beyond their capability.

That said, it is great for students to see in writing what they will be doing if they join the workforce. By showing that they are aware of business needs and are willing to do technical tasks, employers will view these qualities as competitive advantages.

Projects like improving server performance or developing mobile apps are perfect ways to try something new. Companies love finding developers who are already familiar with their technology stack.

Help clients solve computer problems

what does an I.T support person do

“Problem-solving” is a favorite word of IT professionals. That’s because they love solving problems. But often, companies don’t give them the time to do it.

When someone calls up saying his keyboard won’t work or his internet isn’t working, you can guess how frustrated he must be. He already knows there’s a problem, so he wants to know if that problem will get solved by him or if he needs to call someone else.

He probably doesn’t need to call someone else, but before you tell him that, take a minute to think about what kind of solution you could offer him.

Then ask yourself two questions: Can I fix this without too much effort? And does my customer (employees) feel more inclined to keep coming back once they realize I am here to help them?

If your answer to both these questions is yes, then you should try fixing the issue yourself with assistance from others as needed.

You cannot expect people to come to you with questions; they will still seek answers elsewhere even if their issues seem similar to what you helped them with earlier. The only way to make customers trust you again is to actually solve their issues and see them look at you like you have never wronged them before.


Train clients on computer use


Although it may seem that technology is a field for professionals, there are many things that anyone can learn how to support people in using computers. Some of these skills are related to digital literacy, such as learning how to perform everyday tasks like creating an email resume or uploading photographs through Facebook.

Other areas include coaching students about information technology (IT) system functions, helping them set up accounts on university-based systems, and teaching basic computer coding concepts.

Professionals can also assist with personal health records, guiding potential patients through electronic medical record evaluations, connecting users with useful resources, and explaining different treatment options to them.

Many healthcare organizations today have implemented robust online health record systems. These offer employees easy access to their own patient’s health data, providing additional engagement opportunities.

By having a technologist available to guide and help individuals create meaningful connections with this new technology, staff adoption rates will be higher.

Prepare clients for website issues

what does an I.T support person do

It is important to be prepared when you are helping your customers with technical problems they may have with their websites. Whether people realize it or not, they have become dependent on their online presence. Any changes to the system will likely cause stress and concern among users.

It is best to prepare them before there is a problem. Either way, things can always go worse. By being ready ahead of time, people feel more at ease having no internet access.

Also, by showing how easily someone can take control of their own web space, confidence in their ability to do so grows. People love to think that even if something goes wrong, there’s a really easy solution.

The truth is that anything worth doing is going to require work and effort. Who wants to deal with a problem right away? Try looking up how to solve the issue soon after it happens. More often than not, this works.

Finally, training individuals on what to look for during emergencies helps everyone know exactly where everything is and what to do. Even if you don’t have support staff, it still pays to have a plan B.

Answer clients’ computer questions

what does an I.T support person do

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, making it a challenge for customers to know what things are like today versus how they were last week. As people become more technologically dependent, they will have more needs that require technical assistance.

Consider creating a digital profile of each customer (customer service center). This way you can track their progress throughout their journey with your company and help them easily identify one of your employees as their personal assistant or adviser.

It also helps keep notes about each person so that you can better assist them when they need something. Notes can be used to document suggestions made, solutions provided, etc.

IT Support services is the idea of a team effort where multiple people work together to solve someone else’s issue.

Conduct office meetings via video chat

what does an I.T support person do

It is easier to keep track of everyone’s responsibilities when you conduct your weekly staff meeting this way. You can also reach out to team members individually or in group settings to ensure their needs are being met.

This saves time that would otherwise be spent writing e-mails or calling people, letting them know what’s going on with the company, and answering questions.

Team members can attend these online videos and stay in touch remotely, which helps us maintain social distancing standards.

You can have all of your employees watch several videos to help them understand how business works, such as “How to Run a Business Like a Corporation” and “Running Your Own Show.” Give them opportunities to learn about working for somebody else.

Equip them with the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently, such as providing access to computers and printers and keeping up with software updates. This keeps things running smoothly and reduces unnecessary mistakes and delays.

Find a job

what does an I.T support person do

Even if you are not computer-savvy, there is a good chance that you can find a position as an IT support person. All the technical jobs require someone to help people with technology-related issues; spending your life helping others out means you will be getting exercise, having fun, and being useful.

There are many different positions for IT support personnel. Some companies have internal departments that handle their in-house tech problems, but most need outside assistance.

You may work at a service company or retail store that provides desktop repair services or network maintenance. You can also work for a cell phone provider as a contract technician who fixes cellular phones and other telecom devices.

These are all great options for those looking for a flexible schedule and some sense of accomplishment.

And just like any other job, you will get paid per hour. For fixed hours, each call/message will take about an equal amount of time to respond to and resolve.

That said, more complicated calls cost more money. If possible, try to resolve the issue on the first call. And if you can resolve the problem on the first visit, then they don’t pay you extra!

Set up a training session

what does an I.T support person do

If you are new to your team, one of the best things. You can do is set up a weekly training session. This will help everyone get to know each other and what they’re good at. It also helps people develop their own skillsets and learn more about themselves.

There are several ways to achieve this. You could give participants tasks to complete or questions to answer.

Maybe have them discuss cases where someone else has done something like that before and ask some clarifying questions. By having both formal and informal sessions, this way nobody feels left out.

You could also put together a workshop focused on specific topics or issues that people are struggling with. There are many different options for workshops and training.

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