What Benefits Do The 3D Virtual Tour Services Providers Offer?

3D virtual tour services providers offer a totally immersive experience with stunning 3D virtual tours. They help spaces stand out by letting the guests or customers be aware of them as they were. It goes much beyond just images, videos and 360-degree virtual tours. Some 3D virtual tour services companies not only provide an immersive 3D virtual tour of the property, but also everything else that you may require including virtual and google maps tour, showcase reels, 2D and 3D images, as well as videos that greatly help in the promotion of your property across various social media and the digital marketing platforms.

Who uses 3D virtual tour services?

3d virtual tour services are commonly used in the following domains:

  • Real Estate sector – Residential and Commercial 
  • Retail Showrooms and other Spaces
  • Hospitality sector 
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums

What do the 3D virtual tour services providers offer?

  • They deliver an immersive 3D experience in virtual tours combining every element carefully. They also put the projects on Google Maps. This is done through the integration of a virtual tour with the Google street view. 
  • 3D virtual tour services providers also tag useful information that is provided such as the amenities, elements and special features of the location within the 3D virtual tour. 
  • Some 3D virtual tour services providers offer dollhouse and floorplan that help prospective buyers to navigate easily through the space. Visitors can also get to see a sectional view of the property. With the dollhouse view visitors can go to any section in the virtual tour. 
  • They also scan and connect a number of floors so that visitors are able to see the overall space properly. Different floors can now be easily accessed in a virtual tour. Visitors can navigate the virtual tour without any issues. 
  • Visitors can also take the stairs as they would do physically. This helps to improve the complete user experience and makes the virtual tours realistic. 
  • Useful links can be inserted to find out more about a specific element. 3D virtual tour services providers are aware that prospective buyers are very keen to explore all the possible features within a space. Videos can also be embedded in a virtual tour as a great way to showcase the features of a space. For visitors who don’t want to walk through a tour, a highlight reel is very useful. The play button is clicked to start the 3D tour.
  • 3D virtual tour services providers help in embedding the 3D tour on a business’ own website and landing pages. Prospective buyers will stay on the website for a longer time. It reduces the bounce rate and increases the opportunities for sales. Share the virtual tour through the various social media networks.

How to maximize the benefits of a university virtual tour?

  • University virtual tours offer a number of technological benefits. Remember to take a screenshot, bookmark, and record parts of the tour. This can be especially helpful while looking at several virtual tours. 
  • It is also essential to take a lot of notes. Making a note of what was exceptional about the several colleges is really helpful during the selection process.
  • Some university virtual tours come with a street-view and also a bird’s eye view. Change the settings to know the distance between multiple parts of campus. 
  • Note down any questions that come into your mind while attending the university virtual tours so that you can take them up with the team at the college.
  • Contact the admissions team as they will lead you towards the representatives who can answer your queries. You can also meet or chat via video call with a college alumnus to ask them questions about their experience.