What Areas On My Body Should I Avoid Tattooing?

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Tattooing is an art form and a creative practice. However, when it comes to your body, you should take the time to ensure that you make informed decisions. Your skin is an extremely sensitive organ, and some areas of the body are more prone to complications than others. In addition, some areas of your body are no-go zones. So, if you have ever wondered why an artist will refuse to tattoo a hand or face, you’ve come to the right place—knowing the rules when tattooing may be helpful before signing off on the ink deal.

Here are some areas of the body that should be avoided when getting tattooed:

The Hands

Tattoos on the hands are not recommended. Not only are they very sensitive, but they can also be painful to tattoo and hard to cover up if you later decide that’s what you want to do. In addition, they’re hard to hide and can easily be seen. Lastly, tattoos on your hands will set off alarm bells in many people’s minds about who you are and what kind of person you are; this effect is especially strong with tattoos with gang associations.

The Chest and Breasts

Having your ink put down on any of these body parts may be intriguing. But tattoos on the chest and breasts can be very sensitive for women. The skin is thin and delicate, so tattoos can be painful and hard to cover up if you want to wear a low-cut top. Also, since people often judge you based on your appearance, it can be difficult to hide them from employers or family members who may disapprove of them.

The Face and Throat

The face often requires a lot of care and investment for an excellent appearance. Therefore, it is one of the body’s most sensitive areas to tattoo. The face is made up of many different muscles, tendons, and nerves that can be damaged if not treated properly. Tattooing on the face can cause damage to your eyesight if done improperly. Besides, a face tattoo is the first thing anyone and everyone will notice about you, which can inspire prejudice.

The throat contains many nerves and blood vessels that can be damaged by improper tattooing. It is also very difficult to properly cover up tattoos in this area because of their size.

The Armpits

This is also an area where you should avoid getting a tattoo. An armpit tattoo can do more harm than any good. It’s prone to infections since bacteria can get trapped in the hair follicles when you get it done. If you get one, ensure the artist sterilises their equipment thoroughly before using it on you. Anything less may result in serious health complications that you could avoid.

The Eyelids

Getting a tattoo on your eyelids can cause problems and even jeopardise your eyesight. The eyes are extremely sensitive and highly vascularised organs; they may swell after getting a tattoo, and serious swelling around the eye area could affect vision.

Your Genitals

This includes the penis, scrotum, testicles, vulva, and clitoris. Getting genitals tattooed is not uncommon and can sound cool to some. However, finding a reputable tattoo artist who will agree to do this for you may be challenging. Most importantly, consider the risks if you still go forward with a genital tattoo.

Final Thoughts

So, why do artists refuse to do hand or face tattoos?

The answer is simple: Artists refuse to do hand or face tattoos because they are concerned about the long-term effects of the tattoo. They fear the skin will be damaged, leading to unsightly scarring or, even worse, an allergic reaction to the ink. It is also possible that their clients may not be happy with their tattoos later on in life, and they want to avoid doing something that could hurt someone else’s feelings.

If you consider getting a tattoo on your hands, face, or any other area mentioned above, ensure to do some research and make an informed choice about whether it’s right for you.