What are the smartest cryptocurrencies?

smart cryptocurrencies

A booming asset class, cryptocurrency has piqued the interest of investors for great reasons. Not only does the digital asset extend dramatically high returns, it’s also the key currency to delve into defining Web 3.0 projects like Metaverse and NFT. But the same volatility aspect that can reward crypto investors with incredible ROI, can also leave them with unfathomable losses. Put simply, crypto is a powerful and also high-risk asset. And when you get into a risky game eyeing king-size return, it’s wiser to play smart. In other words, when it comes to creating your crypto investment portfolio, look for the smartest cryptocurrencies to invest in.  Not all cryptocurrencies out there will offer you favourable returns- so pick wise.

Factors to check to find smartest cryptocurrencies

Before getting into the list of smartest cryptocurrencies, let’s have a look at the bunch of conditions that will help you to determine the most potential coins of the lot.

Check the fundamentals

If you are looking forward to making it big with cryptocurrencies, make sure to choose a coin with strong fundamentals. The term “fundamentals” here refers to the core aspects of the crypto project. So, you have to check out the team behind the coin, their credentials, the core technology and consensus mechanism, USP or strength of the coin, use cases, real-world utility, and so on. Cryptocurrencies boasting strong fundamentals assure a dominant presence in the market and growing interest. Leading cryptocurrencies usually command higher market value, assure faster recovery after a dip, and offer grand returns.

Reputation and community

You should also take a look across the community of the cryptocurrencies you plan to invest in. So, check out all platforms- like YouTube, social media, etc.- where you have users of the coins and see what they have to say about it. You must check out expert opinions about cryptocurrencies as well. Needless to mention, you must shortlist only those cryptocurrencies that boast a stellar reputation in the market and a highly active community.

Market Cap

If you are looking for high yields, look for cryptocurrencies with large market caps, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bigger market cap usually leads to bigger profits for cryptocurrencies. Give a read what is market cap

Top 6 smartest cryptocurrencies to invest in

Here is a list of the best cryptocurrencies that show excellent investment potential.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The king of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the debut coin of the crypto asset class. The largest cryptocurrency, BTC holds the biggest market cap in the crypto scene. As of now, the BTC market cap is something around $570 billion. It reached $1,000 billion in 2021- experts have predicted that BTC might reach $100,000 by the final quarter of 2022. Some experts have also estimated that the coin shows potential to surpass $256,117 and $1,010,923 by 2025 and 2030 respectively.

The fact that BTC has always been the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies single-handedly drives up the leverage of the coin. Additionally, Bitcoin is the most widely used of all cryptocurrencies. Huge market cap aside, the other factor that shoots up the investment potential of BTC is its scarcity.

Ethereum (ETH)

The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum digs in the biggest market share in the crypto scene, just next to Bitcoin. And, akin to BTC, ETH too is backed by strong fundamentals.

Added to being a currency, the Ethereum platform also serves as the biggest and most frequented portal of the DeFi ecosystem. Ethereum offers a conducive environment for smart contracts, dApps, NFTs, and also Metaverse projects. Also, the platform’s cutting-edge EVM technology provides a convenient ambience for development of dApps on a large scale.

It should also be mentioned here that Ethereum has shown a stellar growth, by 32,000%+, over the last 6 years.

However, the major factor that makes Ethereum one of the most coveted cryptocurrencies of late is its upcoming Merge upgrade. The upgrade will scale up Ethereum TPS from 15 to an unbelievable 100,000 TPS, and will also reduce around 99 percent energy consumption.

A large section of crypto experts are positive that Ethereum would be able to cross $4,000 by December 2022.

Binance Coin (BNB)

Launched by the biggest crypto exchange in the whole world, Binance Coin is the epitome of a coin with strong fundamentals. You can use BNB for payment processing, investing, as well as booking travel arrangements. One of the most trusted cryptocurrencies ever, the coin witnessed a whopping 50 percent growth last year.

It’s true that BNB price has plummeted this year but experts are optimistic of a high-yield growth for the coin in the coming 5-10 years. If you have been looking for the smartest cryptocurrenciesfor long-term investment, BNB will be your pick.  The coin is predicted to rise to $850 in 2025 from $221 in June 2022. Experts have also predicted that BNB will cross the $10,000 mark by 2030.

ApeCoin (Ape)

If you have been looking for the smartest cryptocurrencies that will let you delve into the Metaverse world, bank on ApeCoin. Launched by the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT team, the coin has been creating buzz ever since it was launched. Interestingly, the initial price of the coin was nearly $6.40 during its launch but it rose to a whopping $42 in just hours!

Crypto experts have dubbed the ApeCoin as one of the major cryptocurrencies of the future. According to different predictions, the coin might rise to $75 by the final quarter of 2022. Some crypto experts have predicted that the coin will rise by 450 percent by the last quarter of 2026.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is one of those new-gen cryptocurrencies that pose a strong competition to Ethereum and for all the great reasons. The Avalanche network has earned kudos from a huge section of crypto experts for its innovative DPoS consensus mechanism, a stellar volume of 4,500 TPS, and near-instant finality. The crypto project also stands out with its unique 3-blockchain infrastructure.

AVAX price has taken a dip after the crash and is hovering around something like $14+ currently. However, experts are positive, the coin will experience a rise to $25 by the end of 2022. Some experts believe the coin might cross the $2,000 mark by the year 2030.

You have a compact list of smartest cryptocurrencies here that show potential for both long-term and short-term growth. Best part is, these coins are still running low in price but show hints to scale up in the near future. There could not be a better time to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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