What are the Different Types of Surveyors?

Surveying is the process of calculating a land’s dimensions, such as its area and height. An engineer who specializes in measuring these measurements is a surveyor. He is a person who calculates or measures a piece of land’s basic details including height, elevation from the ground, qualities of the soils, width, and breadth. They are crucial while designing new structures and assist in the creation of maps.

To mapping the borders of zones and districts, the government needs these professionals. They are involved in the process of building new structures because they assist assess how much land is needed, the ideal building size, and any potential effects that altitude may have. A career as a surveyor could appeal to you if you appreciate math, planning, and construction. Find out about the various types of surveying professionals.


Building Survey Professionals

Building surveyor conducts building inspections and offers management and design consulting services. They offer expert guidance on building structures, the cost of necessary repairs, leases, and dilapidations. They are interested in all facets of building surveying for residential and commercial property. They offer design knowledge and carry out structural inspections on industrial, commercial, and residential structures.

Project Management Survey Professionals

A surveyor in project management oversees challenging construction and infrastructure projects. To ensure that the building project runs smoothly from the beginning to the end, they work with statutory agencies and represent the customer when interacting with external regulatory organizations. Project managers are hired at the start of a project to help the customer create the project brief and then choose, hire, and coordinate the project team, which often consists of engineers and architects.

Quantity Survey Professionals

As the name suggests, the quantity survey professionals are the skilled surveyors who work as a helping hand to the clients of the ongoing projects. The experts provide an in-depth knowledge on the infrastructure planning costs. If the customers find them to be excessively expensive, then these surveyors can help them with their ideology on designing and construction of the new project in a cost-effective manner.

Geomatics Survey Professionals

To offer precise spatial data that supports planning, development, and conservation, the Geomatics surveyors map all built and natural environments.

Mineral Survey Professionals

A mineral surveyor has expertise in the whole life cycle of mineral production. They specialize in offering qualified guidance across the whole life cycle of mineral and waste projects, from the first site assessment through the period of extraction or infilling to site restoration and the ultimate “after use.”

Planning And Development Survey Professionals

They oversee plans to construct new structures or renovate old ones. They are involved in a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Determining the needs and development of land and property usage,
  • Evaluating regeneration, and
  • Participating in relevant planning implementation procedures in both the public and private sectors.

Rural Agency Survey Professionals

They assess, oversee, and market, agricultural and forestry properties. All facets of rural affairs are of interest to these land and property specialists.

Commercial Agency Survey Professionals

They offer specialized knowledge in commercial property appraisal, management, leasing, and sales. All forms of commercial property are of interest to these real estate experts. This kind of surveyor works in both public and private sectors.

Properties and Facilities Management Survey Professionals

They offer expert management services for facilities and multi-unit residential and commercial complexes. Professionals in property management are interested in all facets of managing residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Residential Agency Survey Professionals

They provide specialized advice in residential property appraisal, management, leasing, and sales. They work in all facets of residential real estate and offer specialized guidance about residential property sales, valuations, and rentals.

Valuations Survey Professionals

They offer specialized guidance in valuations, purchases, sales, investments, and rent reviews for all kinds of real estate. They operate in all areas of asset value, such as general estimation, compensation bases, investment evaluation, performance evaluation, rating estimation, and property funding and financing.

Arts & Antiques Survey Professionals

An Arts & Antiques surveyor offers specialized assistance in the appraisal and sale of artwork and antiques. They have experience guiding customers through the appraisal, sale, acquisition, and administration of fine arts and antiques. They may also offer advice on storage, security, conservation and restoration, shipping, and packing.