What are the differences in the construction of homestays? 

With the development of tourism, large and small homestays have also appeared in various province. In order to obtain higher benefits, every homestay manager has tried their best to promote the difference of their homestays, but no matter how they change, some homestay requirements in the north and south still have strict restrictions, so the construction of homestays will also vary. Then, let me introduce it to you. Save money with travelodge discount code

The focus of construction is different

A difference in the construction of the North and South B&Bs is the difference in focus. Nanfang B&B emphasizes ventilation during construction. Because the south is rainy and humid, they have high requirements for ventilation in order to prevent the building and the items inside from getting damp. The north is different. The north is relatively dry, so they put more emphasis on sunlight, because the right sunlight will not only create a good light and shadow effect, increase the beauty, but also make people feel happy.

The choice of building materials are different

The two differences in the construction of the North and South B&Bs are the different building materials used. The Southern B&B will use materials such as wood structure and steel structure during construction, and the exterior paint during construction is mostly light-colored; while the Northern B&B uses materials such as stone and brick.

The choice of green vegetation is different

The third difference in the construction of the North and South B&Bs is the difference in green vegetation. Nanfang B&B pays more attention to the utilization of water resources, so most of the selected addresses will be built according to water. If not, they will add some water elements during construction. In terms of vegetation, they mostly use flowers. The northern B&Bs pay more attention to the changes of the four seasons, so they will choose some seasonal and diverse plants, which are colorful and very beautiful.

If you want to open a homestay, especially for non-local residents, you must learn more about local customs, architectural styles, matters needing attention in homestay construction, etc. Only in this way can you build a suitable homestay and promote better benefits. Good management conducts overall design and brand design. Don’t miss travelodge discount code nhs

What items are included in the investigation before the design of Hefei B&B 

From the perspective of gender and travel characteristics, homestay consumers are generally female, who usually travel with relatives and friends; the channels for tourists to obtain homestay information mainly include online travel booking platforms, new media platforms or recommendations from relatives and friends. We usually choose to travel around on weekends to relieve the pressure of work during the week. It can be seen that weekend travel is gradually becoming the mainstream choice for the public. What items are included in the survey work before the design of the homestay?

Type of homestay

Most tourists have had experience of homestays, so investigating tourists’ preferences for homestay types can help homestay operators set their own development direction and characteristic content. Tourists generally prefer natural scenery homestays, scenic spot homestays, warm family homestays and personalized theme homestays, which are related to the reasons and methods of tourists’ travel. As a special product for leisure and vacation, homestays themselves are different from the single accommodation function of hotels, which can relieve tourists. Mood and pressure, relying on the natural scenery or the characteristics of the scenic spot, can allow tourists to have an in-depth experience when traveling. Tourists usually travel with relatives and friends, and the warm and characteristic service will naturally become the best choice for tourists; in addition, country houses are also homestay products. The gradually emerging and rapidly growing form allows tourists to experience different new farmhouses from a variety of forms.

What are the differences in the construction of homestays? 

Acceptable homestay prices

Influenced by personality characteristics, tourists have different degrees of acceptability for different types and price B&Bs. Their price tolerance can provide a reference for B&B operators. Under the premise of controllable costs, how to formulate a policy that enhances the perceived value of tourists. price. More than half of the tourists are more inclined to the mid-range range. Which may be related to the fact that homestay consumers are mainly post-90s. And their spending power cannot accept boutique homestays. At the same time, compared with hotels, tourists are more looking forward to the characteristic business part of homestays. The price of accommodation is not expected to be too high.

Tourists generally choose to stay in B&Bs because of their good surrounding scenery, affordable prices and distinctive architectural style, followed by special catering and warm and friendly services. It can be seen that site selection and design are the primary factors that can attract new tourists to stop. Special events are the icing on the cake. However, even if tourists love the homestay again. The rate of returning to the homestay is still low in the short term. But the possibility of choosing this place again is still very high, which requires the personalization of the homestay design. The best websites provide fantastic Travelodge voucher code NHS, Booking.com Voucher Code NHS, and Travelodge Discount Code NHS