What are the Best Sheets for Sensitive Skin – Silk or Cotton?


A peaceful night’s sleep is essential for your good health. You may have difficulty sleeping on ordinary bedding if you have sensitive skin. When battling eczema, allergies, or skin irritation, choosing a suitable bed sheet is essential. The right bedding can help keep your skin healthy and promote better sleep. To alleviate skin sensitivity issues from poor bedding, you should go for the best breathable fibres – silk or cotton. 


Silk or cotton sheets are highly demanded as they possess natural properties that contribute to a rejuvenating rest. While cotton sheets are known to offer right comfort, silk wins here for being more soft & smooth, durability, and affordability. Being a natural fibre, silk is known to be more breathable, durable, and environmentally friendly than its synthetic counterparts. Silk bed sheets give your home a luxe feel and add that extra level of comfort in a cosy space. 


How are Silk Sheets Beneficial for Sensitive Skin?

Since you start sleeping on silk bedding, you get multiple benefits if you have sensitive skin. As a natural protein-based fibre, silk has natural moisturising properties for skin and hair. Here are the benefits of luxury silk bed sheets:


  • Silk is Hypoallergenic

Pure silk sheets are naturally hypoallergenic as they don’t irritate your skin. A pure 22 momme mulberry silk bedding feels incredibly smooth, reducing friction on your delicate and sensitive facial skin. These sheets help you fight sleep wrinkles, making it a blockbuster beauty trend. 


  • Silk is Gentle 

A perfect amalgamation of accurate thread count and the weaving technology makes silk the softest bedding than cotton for sensitive skin. It gives a soft and smooth feel even to acne-prone skin while inherently resistant to dust mites and allergens. 


  • Silk Regulates Temperature

As silk is a perfect epitome of luxury and comfort, it promotes breathability and temperature regulation. If you prefer silk bedding in summers, it wicks away moisture and keeps your skin cool and dry. Contrarily, cotton sheets draw out moisture from your skin deep into its fibres, leaving your skin dry and dehydrated. However, when the temperature dips, silk bed sheets create a thin insulating layer that keeps you warm and cosy. With optimised temperature regulation, silk sheets can help you protect yourself from extreme temperatures. 


Wrapping Up 

If you are cautious about your sensitive or acne-prone skin, you should choose natural breathable fibres, silk or cotton. While cotton sheets offer the proper comfort, silk delivers additional health, sustainable, and luxurious benefits. 


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