What Are the Best Museums to Check Out in San Antonio?

Texas has a torrid history of settlement. The land was occupied by natives for almost 10,000 years before any outside settler traversed this area. Texas is a beautiful and historical region that holds so many stories, so you know that the museums are going to deliver! 


The Alamo

The Alamo Mission is a Spanish mission compound founded by Roman Catholic missionaries in San Antonio, Texas. Famously, this is where the Battle of the Alamo had taken place. The pivotal battle was part of the Texas Revolution. Many Texans and Tejanos died. Mexican President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was a brutal force and the remaining Texans and Tejanos joined the Texan Army and finally defeated the Mexican army under Santa Anna.

The museum offers guided battlefield tours that encompass the devastation during the times of early settlement. The Alamo is a symbol of Texan’s succession from the Mexican government. You can visit the actual structure in San Antonio. Book a field trip for Girl Scouts, students, or your whole family. Additionally, you can look into private tours and events.

Several Live events are hosted throughout the seasons that bring education to the public in the most authentic way possible. There are many reenactments, musket firing, and virtual and audio tours. 

Witte Museum

Whether you’re a San Antonio native or researching San Antonio apartments for rent, you’ll enjoy a visit to the Witte Museum. If you haven’t heard or gathered by now, Texas is a proud state. The history of the land and the struggles of its cowboys and natives is something that Texas holds near and dear to its heart. The Witte Museum is a tribute to this just the same as the Alamo. 

The story starts with the land and its inhabitants, even those going back millions of years to the paleolithic era. The museum grew out of a collection that Ellen Schulz, a schoolteacher, had acquired. The school was not able to house the collection and she and her colleagues and friends partitioned for funds for a museum. They received those funds and $65,000 from Alfred G Witte. Hence the name, Witte Museum.

In addition to historic and geographical artifacts, there was much art as well such as paintings and sculptures. Events and exhibits are always switching up to feature something noteworthy and educational. While you are there, check out visiting the What Shaman Preserve. This is something you would book separately but it will take you through the Lowe Pecos Canyonlands.

The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum

Not only is this a one-of-a-kind museum, but you can also eat and grab a beer here as well. This saloon has been operating in San Antonio for the past 135 years. Legend has it that in this very bar, Teddy Roosevelt recruited Rough Riders and Pancho Villa congregated here to plan the Mexican Revolution. Many taxidermies grace the walls of the saloon. Some of these animals are considered quite exotic.

Move along to the Texas Ranger part of the museum and witness the history and artifacts of the brave Texas Rangers. You can book private yours and events as well if you’re hoping to throw an educational birthday party. It’s perfect because they have world-class food right on site! You can find many traditional handhelds such as burgers, ribs, and fries. 

This is a must-see if you are planning on taking the whole family. You can learn and play and make sure everyone eats all in one location!