What are the Basic Skills Required to Become a Good Cyber Security Expert?

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The professionals who have complete skills and knowledge related to the safeguarding of data from cyber threats and criminals are known as Cyber Security specialists. A good cyber security expert must have rich skillsets to deal with various issues related to cyber threats.

In this digital world, most of us face various types of cyber issues with our data and we want to secure our data by all means even if it is offline.
In this blog, you will get to know the top five cyber security skills that every cyber expert must possess.

Students who have just completed their education or training in cyber security should have a complete understanding of networking issues. The networking will help you to understand various types of data transmissions with technical aspects. It helps them to safeguard the data in a very favorable manner. Some cyber security course certifications are also required like CompTIA, Cisco CCNA and Security+. These are recommended certifications that every cybersecurity expert must have.

Another skill that you should know is to master the administration of cyber issues and their related requirements. It is related to maintaining and configuring computer systems. You should know the various aspects of computer systems and their features so that you can easily deal with the cyber threats if detected.

  • Understanding of Virtual Machines and Operating Systems

A cyber security expert must have enough knowledge and understanding related to operating systems and knowledge of computers and their versions like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows OS. As an expert in the cyber domain, you should have knowledge related to various types of OS. Virtual Machines enable you to train and research in an isolated environment and help you maximize your skills and knowledge.

The other point needs to know is to understand the Kali Linux as its one of the highly preferred Linux distribution systems for various types of activities like penetration testing and ethical hacking. It comes with multiple tools associated with Testing, Analysis of Malware, Comp Forensics and security research etc.

  • Network Security Controlling Abilities

The person who holds the position of a cyber security expert or at the executive level must know how to control the network security issues. It consists of various measures that are employed for the enhancement of network security. You have to understand how your particular network works and how firewalls and other devices work in collaboration. A firewall is one of the prominent things here because it acts as hardware or software that blocks or restricts incoming or outgoing traffic from the internet source of your computer. As an expert in cyber seucurity, you have to ensure that your firewall is preventing unauthorized access to your network that may cause a harmful threat to your system.

You have to understand the intrusion detection system, Virtual Private Network and Intrusion prevention system including remote access to your network. For instance: You have to operate the IDS system of your computer and detect any cyber violation including the malicious activities and networks to your computer system. 

  • Coding

Every cyber security expert must know coding in order to execute various practices related to cyber threats and cyber data because zero coding may restrict or limit the opportunities related to cyber security in the time to come. Therefore, it is recommended to skill yourself with the techniques of coding and its values. You can easily learn to code using online or offline classes.

Here, we are providing some necessary coding languages that every student can easily learn in order to be successful to make their career in cyber security. Find also: Data Science Certification Online : Course, Salary

C and C++: Every professional indulged in the cyber security activities must know the basic C and C++ programming languages. 

Python: It’s one of the best preferred high-level programming languages that is used in many activities of creating big data and restricting cyber threats and attackers to fetch necessary data. It helps the cyber security expert to troubleshoot various types of network vulnerabilities. 

JavaScript: With this knowledge of data security, you can easily restrict or fix cross-site scripting issues coming to your networks. 

PHP: In this digital world, there are many websites created with the help of PHP and it helps the users against intruders and cyber thefts. 

HTML: it’s one of the simplest languages to learn as most cybersecurity experts use this language for various activities. Every cyber security expert should understand the basic concept of this language. 

Go Lang: This language is good for cryptography as you can easily solve or troubleshoot various issues related to cyber security and its aspects. 

SQL: Attackers use this language to easily damage the stored data. One of the most important examples is the SQL injection attack. For defending against cyber threats, you should know the aspects of SQL and its benefits.

  • Cloud Security

Many companies are in search of skilled professionals that can easily communicate and collaborate with the public for cloud platforms. The cyber security expert should know Azure and AWS etc. Most organizations use it to store various types of crucial data for running applications. It includes the implementation of technologies and policies that easily protect cloud-based systems and devices.

Application Development Security and Cloud security involves various types of activities to secure networks and systems from the root level.  Professionals who know about managing various types of platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google-based cloud platforms are in high demand.

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