Volkswagen’s Car Caring Tips

In order to maintain the good running condition of your Volkswagen it is important to know how to maintain it properly. The cooling system of your VW car is one of the parts that can easily be damaged due to constant use and exposure to engine heat—In short this is the part that you need to replace most often.

Here are some important things to remember about properly maintaining your VW cooling system:

1. Try to keep your engine and engine compartment as well as the Volkswagen radiator fins and grill as clean as possible. This is because a clean engine is more efficient and doesn’t overheat as quickly.

2. Always replace your VW vehicle’s coolant at or before the factory recommended intervals with the proper compound, tire, and coolant volume. And remember to allow the cooling system to clean itself before putting the radiator cap on Volkswagen repair Phoenix.

3. Replace all coolant hoses including upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses, bypass hoses, multi coolant hoses and any other hoses that your car has —- even if you have never suspected problems with them. It is recommended that all hoses be replaced at least every two years.

4. Remember to replace the thermostat with the same temperature as the original as the electronics in your Volkswagen may be using the same settings for other controls. Don’t replace any situation.

5. It is also important to replace the radiator or expansion tank cap, with only the front mounting having the same OE quality as some aftermarket replacements are often not sized correctly and therefore fail to seal and hold securely. the result of a refrigerant leak. Replacement is not recommended for the radiator or additional tank cap.

6. Be sure to repair or replace the water pump drive belt (external) as often as needed or at recommended times Volkswagen repair shop. Always protect the belts whenever you work on any parts of the refrigeration system.

7. In replacing your Volkswagen water pump make sure you buy an OEM/OES pump at the first signs of a problem or when your belt and tensioner are replaced. Always watch for signs of heat.

8. Replace your VW’s fan clutch or fan blade if necessary. The temperature gauge on your VW is the best indicator of when to change your fan clutch.

9. When replacing the temperature sensors you may need VW technicians to help you with this problem as they have the right tools and drawings needed to properly repair your VW sensors.

10. Always keep your VW car well maintained as the effects of time, idle speed, exhaust and other systems also affect engine temperature. All of VW’s cooling system is designed to work with other systems, which means that if one of the systems fails then the rest of the car’s performance in the event of an accident.

A list of cooling system maintenance tips you may need when repairing your VW cooling system:

o Refrigerator

o VW water pump

o VW thermostat

o VW water pump drive belt

o VW Hoses

o VW radiator

o VW tank extension

o VW heater core

o VW control valves

o VW temperature sensors (if applicable) .

o VW radiator cover / Extra tank cover

o Radiator fan clutch