Make the Most of Virtual Reality in London

Whether you want to experience a new perspective on London or are looking for an exciting date night idea, the Virtual Reality Experience in central and north London is the perfect activity. The 60-minute experience begins with 30 minutes of introductory games to get you comfortable with the virtual reality London equipment and set you up for the experience. After the experience, you can relax and unwind in a completely new way. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your VR experience in London.



When it comes to VR, the UK is likely to be leading the pack, and Limitless-VR in Croydon is on the cutting edge. The experience offers a wide range of VR experiences, from team-building exercises to the Waltz of the Wizard, where you can experience the powers of a wizard. Limitless-VR is a relatively new venue, but its potential is already evident. Listed on the London tourism website, Limitless-VR is the first place in the capital to experience virtual reality.

One of the best things about Limitless-VR is that it is not your typical arcade. The atmosphere is more relaxed, and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy, too. Limitless-VR is also a great place to hold a birthday party, corporate event, or team-building activity. Limitless-VR also features a licensed bar for guests and is perfect for parties of up to eight people. The facility also hosts corporate events, conferences, and can be hired for events.

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If you love playing games, you’ll be thrilled to know that MeetspaceVR virtual reality is now available in London. Whether you’re looking for a social day out with friends or a game-changing experience for the whole family, this virtual reality venue has you covered. Play a variety of exciting games in the virtual reality arena, including Zombie Survival, Singularity, Undead Arena, and much more. You’ll be in for a fun 45 minutes, and you’ll be glad you did.

The new venue features a variety of VR experiences, including a free-roaming environment. Players will be able to explore virtual worlds with their friends or compete in head-to-head games. The experience is completely immersive, and the meetspaceVR experience will transport you into a different world. A VR headset is required for the experience, and you must be over eighteen to enjoy this attraction.


For a thrilling virtual reality experience in London, head to The Aeronaut. With a unique eclectic design and exciting entertainment, Aeronaut has created thrilling new events and experiences. You can now try Virtual Reality in London at this swanky pub! You can enjoy virtual reality experiences for two, four, or eight people at the same time, with a tenner deal. And, you can even play archery and battle waves of aliens.

The new immersive VR experience, which is currently available in London, is a collaboration between Viacom and William Patrick Corgan. The three-and-a-half minute room-scale experience is a tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Patrick Corgan. The music video is an interactive experience and includes a 2D video filmed inside the VR experience using Cinemachine, a new software tool developed by Unity. Danny Bittman and the team at Viacom and Isobar collaborated to bring the video to life, which was filmed by a team of cinematographers, a computer programmer, and a designer.

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If you’ve ever been curious about virtual reality, DNA VR is an excellent place to start. This new venture opened a site in Kentish Town in 2017, and features four different free-roaming adventures that let you play as a character in a game. You can play multiplayer games with up to four players, or try out a single-player experience. DNA VR offers many educational experiences in schools, too.

The company’s website touts that anything is possible in virtual reality, and DNA VR’s venue selection includes dinosaurs, zombie apocalypse, and time travel. Many of their VR escape rooms are hand-picked by the owners, and if you’re in the mood to explore different scenarios, DNA VR is the place to go. Its staff is knowledgeable and will guide you through every step of the process, and their customer service is top-notch.


If you are looking for a unique experience in the city, you should consider checking out Otherworld virtual reality in London. This immersive experience takes you to an island paradise, complete with four seasons, glowing trees, and paths leading to cylindrical pods. The game was design to create the impression of a ‘world between worlds’, and the visuals of Otherworld are both real and surreal. If you have seen the film The Witness, you might recognize the art style and theme.

The Otherworld arcade in London has sixteen unique VR experiences. It is located in a converted railway arch. Guests enter a private room to experience the world of virtual reality. These rooms feature leading VR headsets and incorporate dynamic heat, wind, and rumble effects to transport them to a world filled with breathtaking natural beauty. The experience is so realistic that you may even be able to see your friends and family in the virtual world!

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