Viral Hairstyles for Lehenga, this Wedding Season

Lehenga is the ultimate when it comes to wedding attire. Most girls opt for this dress type, as it is girly, flirty, and ever so youthful. The ensemble comprises a Blouse top, a flowing skirt, and a dupatta. The result is a look that is wedding-friendly, as it can be worn both as a guest or the Bridal wear itself. While the attire is lovely, the rest of the get-up needs much attention as well. Other aspects like makeup, your shoes, jewelry, and of course your hairstyle. It is safe to say that the hairstyle can easily make or break your look; and is often badly ignored. So, here we have curated a list of some of the best hairstyles for lehenga. Read on and start planning your next look for this wedding season: 

The Sleek Bun

No-fuss, no mess. The Sleek bun encircled with the traditional ‘Gajraa’ makes for a great hairstyle for the lehenga. To achieve this look you need to:

  • Part your hair the way it suits you the best
  • Pull back into a nice tight ponytail
  • Use styling products like a nice hairstyling spray to help the hair stay in place
  • Tie a nice bun, using either a ‘hairstyle Doughnut’ or just your own natural hair
  • Secure using U-pins in place
  • Use hairstyling spray generously all over for the hairdo to stick in place. 
  • Encircle the low-bun using a Natural or an Artificial Gajraa. 
  • And you are ready to ‘rock and roll’ the evening away. 


The headband hairdo

This is a personal favorite. Using the headband as a hair accessory with the Lehenga offers a nice ‘Girlish vibe’. To achieve this look you will need to: 

  • Straighten the hair, and spray with hair styling products if you are going to leave your hair open
  • Make the desired hair partition that suits you the best.
  • The Headband can either be the traditional version or the Western version; as both are making waves this season
  • Secure the band in place and fix it with a Maang Tikaa (in the case of the traditional headband) if you like it; as it looks just as good. 
  • And voila, you are good to go. 

The Pear Connection

Not many realize this, but incorporating jewelry pieces on your hair can make all the difference to your otherwise plain hairstyle. Right now, we are talking Pearls. Using these in form of strings or a pre-designed hair accessory is a great idea. Of course, you need to be able to carry it as well; but we know you cannot go wrong here. For this look, we have two different hot favorites: 

As a Bun-case: Utterly classy and so unique. These little wonders can be store-bought as it is, or you can create your own using a String of Pearls. For this, you simply need to incorporate the Pearl strings into your bun as a pattern. In the case of the ready-made version, you simply slip it onto your low-bun. So chic, so cool. 

The Peral-Clad Plait: This look is inspired by Sonam Kapoor, Cannes, 2018. Make yourself a nice, long Fishtail plait. Fix the Pearl-clad Plait along the length of the hairstyle, and let it dangle all the way down. Secure the hairdo with the help of hairpins wherever necessary. 

The Half-Up do

An evergreen hairstyle for a lehenga that can be as traditional or as modern as you want it to be. Perfect if you want it to be practical enough, yet stylish to make the right impression throughout the wedding. For this look you will need to: 

  • Prep your hair with the styling products
  • Now, divide all the hair into two parts; a front one for the ponytail and the rest to let loose. 
  • Make a nice ponytail using the front portion of the hair. This can either be a high ponytail or a low ponytail 
  • Adorn the section behind, using flowers, or even Jewel-toned clips



So, there you have it, ladies. These are Chic, stylish, and easy to do as well. Pick your favorite one and set the show on fire. 

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