Vacation Rental Marketing to Fitness and Wellness Travelers

Vacation Rental Marketing have traditionally been a way for us to unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper ourselves, or it may be non-stop tourism, trying to see everything and walking endlessly. People’s travel habits have changed, and they now often prioritize a healthy mind and body. Hotels have had gyms for quite some time, but most customers who use them are individuals who regularly travel for work or who like to adhere to their regular schedule.

So, what happened? Millennials appeared. Millennials are youthful travelers who have fundamentally altered the way we tour the globe and choose accommodations. First, we found an increase in weekend and bank holiday travel. Then came mobile phone booking and payment for lodging, followed by last-minute booking. And today, millennials emphasize remaining in shape during their trip. Because of a shift in behavior among persons aged 18-35 and the growth of social media, getting a beautiful vacation snapshot is more important than ever. Vacation Rental Marketing have never been more photographed and shared with the world.

In a poll conducted by, which questioned 8,400 individuals from 28 different countries whether staying fit during Vacation Rental Marketing was essential, 66 percent replied yes, while 42 percent indicated they would be ready to eat less nutritious food for a few days if they could compensate with exercise. Furthermore, young individuals who took part in the poll prefer to publish images of themselves at the gym rather than at the beach on social media. This is due to the growing number of ‘influencers’ on Instagram, who have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Vrbo examined internal data and discovered that demand for vacation homes with the phrase “yoga” increased by 65% year over year, while demand for “fitness center” and “gym” increased by 40% and 30%, respectively.

A healthy lifestyle has long been a top concern for many people, but while traveling, it’s quite simple to ignore this guideline. Travelers whose fitness is essential typically search for accommodations that will better meet their demands and enable them to keep their usual routine while being flexible. As a Vacation Rental Marketing, you may offer these resources at your house.

How do fitness and wellness enthusiasts travel?

A fitness traveler is someone who does not want to endanger their physical health while on Vacation Rental Marketing or who travels to keep in shape.

Furthermore, a wellness traveler is someone who values their health and wants to get away from their daily stressors. Although the word “wellness” is growing more popular, it is still not as extensively used as “fitness.” Searching for happiness and spiritual serenity has evolved as a consequence of changing lifestyles. As a result, a wellness traveler is not someone who just modifies their vacation but rather someone who picks a place or lodging with only one thing in mind: health and relaxation.

Fitness and wellness vacations are not unusual. Hotel boot camps, yoga retreats, and fitness programs have been around for a long time. Companies have even created customized itineraries that include fitness and wellness in their programs. Many even provide a professional chef! As a consequence, lodgings are responding to this expanding trend, and you can, too, if you want to capitalize on this fad.

Many homeowners have already reaped the benefits of changing their vacation rental into retreats or accommodations with a variety of activities for visitors. But how do they do it? Here are our top suggestions.

Tips for attracting fitness and wellness visitors

Marketing to fitness and wellness tourists is fairly simple since their demands are similar: a healthy and active lifestyle, nature, relaxation, and so forth. Here are five strategies to gain more bookings from them.

1. Improve your property to get the most out of it.

Is your house surrounded by calm mountains? Can you see the sunset over the water from your porch? Do you have a fireplace? Do you have enough room to create a pool? Pay attention to the possibilities that your vacation rental has to offer and invest in delivering the greatest stays for fitness and wellness visitors.

Choose a large room to transform into a social space where visitors can unwind after a long day of training, or renovate the outdoors to provide an exceptional experience for those who prefer to practice yoga in a natural setting. Build a gym with mirrors all over the walls, or a huge swimming pool to swim lengths in. Go as far as your finances will allow. When you detail all of the installations and equipment in your vacation rental house, all of the expenditures will be recouped. They will greatly increase the value of your property!

Don’t forget how crucial it is for your visitors to obtain some well-deserved rest. Invest in high-quality mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets, as well as anything else that will make your visitors feel like they are sleeping on cloud nine and will wake up feeling refreshed.

2. Invest in gym facilities and equipment

If you have the funds to set up a home gym, you should not only buy some high-quality training equipment but also provide an area where visitors may lift weights with dumbbells, stretch bands, skip, and utilize other materials that fitness enthusiasts take when they travel. They won’t have to bother about bringing this stuff themselves.

You may also add other items that people require for physical activity while on vacation, such as hiking poles, bikes, and snorkeling masks.

3. Provide meals in your vacation rental

Finding restaurants with healthy alternatives is more difficult when you’re new to the region or visiting a location for the first time. There are several reasons why including breakfast in your hotel is a smart idea (including the ability to boost your nightly charge) but consider your visitors as well.

Provide a healthy breakfast that has more protein than carbs, giving them energy for the remainder of the day. Oatmeal, smoothies, juices, and fresh fruits are popular breakfast items among fitness and health travelers. If you want to win them over, serve them popular acai bowls, avocado toast, or other superfoods. You can even let them know through your communication platform – if you have multiple properties, it would be easier to communicate with everyone in one place by using a vacation rental software.

You should also stock your fridge with water so your visitors can keep hydrated while exercising, and consider offering nutritious snacks such as protein bars, dried fruits, and almonds. A reusable water bottle, which they can carry everywhere, would be a fantastic idea. Add your vacation rental’s logo to it, and you’ll be promoting your company at the same time!

4. Make the most of local events

Is there a yoga retreat near your property? Or maybe an entertaining athletic event? Is there a competition or a conference for fitness enthusiasts or yogis? Make the most of what’s going on in your community by highlighting it on your vacation rental blog. In addition, mention what they are about and how far away they are in your listings.

You may also wish to take advantage of this chance to network and form local relationships with the organizers. They may offer your home as a lodging option for attendees, and you can publish about their activities on your website. Everyone wins!

5. Provide your visitors with the information they need.

By demonstrating to your visitors that you understand their wants, they will regard you as a host who can meet them. Here are some suggestions to help you get there:

Recommend local eateries that provide healthful, local market cuisine. Help them avoid fast food restaurants and processed meals.

Please refrain from suggesting tourist buses. Prepare to provide them with walking routes so they may see everything on foot.

Show them a map of all the supermarkets and stores that sell healthy foods. They will most likely want to cook in your vacation rental, or they may want special clothing to participate in certain activities in the region.

Prepare a guide with things guests can do near your house as well as a list of firms that provide excursions, locations to explore, mountains where they can walk, places to practice yoga, traditional dances in the area, personal trainers, and so on.

If you want to take it a step further, you may also include jogging routes in your region, instructions on avoiding jet lag, how to be active from day one, nutritious recipes, and speakers with a selection of music to workout or relax to.

Remember that by providing all of these facilities and services, your vacation rental will stand out to fitness and wellness tourists. Take advantage of this new travel trend!