Using the Power of Akashic Records Prayer for Self-love and Healing

Have you ever felt like some forces or patterns just won’t let you move forward in life?  Perhaps as much self-love and healing work you do, you feel like something is holding you back in connecting with yourself significantly.

Just imagine finding a book that would tell you your previous life details, and you realise that the most painful facts held the key to knowing yourself as completely whole. We can experience a rare kind of transformation through the Akashic Records. Healing through the Akashic Records Prayers for self-love and healing help you find ways to use your past trauma and wounds as a path to inner peace.


Welcoming the spiritual technique of self-love and transforming your relationship with yourself to resolve your primary sacred wounds―the hurtful events, people, or circumstances that are holding you back. The Akashic Records Prayers for self-love and healing empower you with wisdom that would help you understand a deeper connection with your true hidden self, more satisfying relationships with others, a greater sense of aliveness, and increased joy for living. Visit website: 


What is self-love?


Self-love is all about appreciating yourself that stems from our acts that support our physical, mental and spiritual growth. It means to hold the highest respect for your existence. You place yourself above all and don’t allow yourself to sacrifice your well-being to please others. 

Self-Love is commonly mistaken for selfishness. Sparing some quiet time for yourself may be regarded as selfishness. As we spiritually evolve, it becomes essential to have more time for yourself to regard the truth of the universe through the Akashic Healing Prayer. When there is more internal space for yourself, you see it vital to finding your inner guidance towards self-love and healing.


Signs of self-Love 


  • You Listen To Your Body.
  • You no more cling to your past.
  • You look towards the brighter side of yourself.
  • You Enjoy Feeling Strong Emotions.
  • You Have Strong Connections. 
  • You Have a Strong Sense of Purpose.
  • You Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses. 
  • You Celebrate Your Success.


Signs of self-hatred


  • Only focusing on the negative thoughts.
  • Constantly engaging in harmful self-talk.
  • Feeling of Worthlessness.
  • Feeling broken.
  • Feeling helpless.
  • Driving other people. 
  • Always expecting bad to happen.
  • Very low self-esteem.


Why self-love is important? 


  • Helps in reducing stress.
  • Makes you more productive.
  • Help you cope with symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Builds your emotional resilience. 
  • Helps in developing healthier habits.
  • Helps in self-acceptance.
  • An excellent way to increase your confidence level.
  • Inspires everyone around you.


The power of Akashic Records Prayer for Self-love and Healing 

If we only had a lens that helped us see the actual truth of ourselves, others or situations. Anthroposophy says that the Akashic records are an abridgement of all universal events, thoughts, emotions, and words that have transpired in the past, present, or future in terms of all entities and life forms, not just humans. 


The Akashic Records are like holding our soul’s profile. Our soul’s primary purpose is to provide helpful guidance to reconnect with your true self. Our soul origin defines all the strange feelings that occur when we find alienated from the rest of the world. We feel rejected in many areas of life, which result in blaming ourselves for lacking that ability. There are specific opposing forces that block the way to self-love and healing.


With the help of Akashic Records Prayer, we receive the divine knowledge of our existence history and overcome the experience that holds us back from loving ourselves so strongly that we never again reject ourselves or vandalise our happiness, freedom, and love. Our every emotion, thought, action or reaction would be based on love. The Akashic Records Prayers help us recover self-love and heal us from past traumas.


The powerful impacts of Akashic Record Prayers for Self-Love and Healing


The Akashic Records prayers act as a divine mirror which brings us face to face with our life choices that have contributed to self-hatred and denial. Following are some powerful impacts of the Akashic Records Prayer that aligns us with self-love and healing:

  • Identify patterns that no longer suit us.
  • Identify our strengths along with the dysfunctional aspects of our soul makeup.
  • Identifies mental and emotional imbalances that personify the physical body as diseases.
  • Identify actions in line with your soul’s blueprint that lead to problems.


In a session with Akashic Consultant, we learn all the truths of our soul’s journey in this universe. By identifying the roots of our current problems, we understand the blockages we have created that restrict us from loving ourselves and consoling ourselves from a bad memory. The effectiveness of the Akashic Records Prayers depends on how committed we are to finding the right key to open the doors to self-love and healing. We learn to make new choices and adapt to new changes due to redrawing the old patterns that have stopped us from connecting with ourselves.