Using Social Media Marketing to Appeal to Younger Generations

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Today’s business world is truly global. You no longer have to be restricted by geography to reach your target market. You can sell your products to customers anywhere from Boston to Botswana with just a click to buy twitter followers uk

This is especially good news for those who want to tap into the most promising and lucrative market segment: young adults just starting their earning years. Today’s young adults, however, are unlike any other generation in human history.

Generation Zers and Millennials are digital natives who have come of age in the digital age. Traditional marketing strategies won’t win them their business or their loyalty. These young consumers must be reached where they are, and that means via social media. How can social media be used to reach these coveted young consumers?


Generation Z and Millennials are different from your grandparents and parents. Millennials are 25% more likely to connect with brands through online content than any other generation. They desire a relationship with companies with whom they do business. For this generation, that relationship is largely based online. They don’t just want a good product at a great price.

To reach this market, your company will need to do much more than create a digital product catalog for social media. Your target customer will instead want content from your company that is consistent with their values, including environmental justice and social justice.

They will want to see discussions and posts that focus not on profit and products but people. Data shows that Millennials and other younger generations are 30% more likely than others to engage with brands using video marketing or social media marketing that uses videos. They also want unique video content. Videos of community outreach events or promotions of activities that they can also participate in are what they prefer. They are looking for engagement and ethics in social media.

Instead of promoting your products or services only, create videos that reflect your values and strategically repost content from influencers and creators who share these values. These posts are what Generation Z and Millennials connect over and can help you do the same.

Producing as consumers

You have some work to do if you don’t use influencer marketing, user-generated content, or both. These strategies are often video-based and appeal more to younger people than older generations. Saurabh Kumar, Entrepreneur contributor, outlined strategies for marketing to younger generations. These include storytelling and UGC. They are best done through social media and video content.

Find influencers or users already talking about your product/service and highlight them. Share their posts on your account — this serves as a modern testimonial, and younger users are more likely than older marketing materials to consider this content more authentic and trustworthy.

Eye Candy: A Bit of Eye Candy

Generation Z and Millennials are avid consumers of visual media. If your social media pages are full of static text, you will lose them. To draw people to your site and keep them coming back, you’ll need to offer eye candy, especially in video format.

Despite the attention that Twitter and Facebook get, most young consumers spend their time on video-dominant platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. These platforms are also more popular than others. YouTube is second in popularity for millennials, after Netflix, with twice the attention paid to videos on YouTube.

If you want to engage Millennials or Generation Z, your best bet for engagement is to create short, catchy videos. While you are doing this, be sure to pay attention to your branding. You can use templates to reflect the company’s brand and be instantly identifiable to young clients as you create and deploy your social media brand. These templates can make your social media platform design process more efficient and cohesive. This will allow you to spend more time on the unique content of each post. Your target audience will desire a unique visual brand that is fun, attractive, and distinctive. It will speak to their heart and minds.

Brainstorming: Get the data

One of the most dangerous things when using social media to reach Generation Z and Millennial consumers is to let your strategy become stale. Your young audience is looking for a relationship, not just a strategy. If your company fails to live up to its promises, customers can click a button to transfer to another business.

Studies show that young people have high expectations of brands’ social media. They expect relevant messaging; they want to be listened to and support, communication, and engagement.

To meet these expectations takes consistency and unwavering dedication. Your young audience is dynamic and constantly changing. You will need to be vigilant about their changing needs through the acquisition, analysis, and use of data analytics.

YouTube analytics, for example, is a powerful tool for understanding your target market and their needs. The data alone is not enough. This information must also be included in routine brainstorming sessions to support innovation and data-driven decision-making. buy twitter followers

The best brainstorming sessions start with defining a problem, question, or issue. YouTube data can help you define your problem. Once you have identified the areas where Generation Z and Millennial customers are underserved by your services, social media, and products, you can start brainstorming ways to engage and serve your target audience in ways your closest competitors cannot.

The Takeaway

Millennials and Generation Z represent a huge, lucrative, and growing market. You have to be creative if you want that market to reach you. And most importantly, you need to unleash the incredible power of social media. Social media is a great way to reach young consumers and provide the engagement, experience, and service they expect. This will help you win their loyalty.

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