UK’s Top 5 Cash and Carry Wholesalers

Welcome to the UK’s 5 top cash and carry wholesalers. These companies are well known for their professional attitude and reliable services. Their products are always fresh, of high quality, and well-presented. This ranking is based on the number of cash and carry wholesalers within the given area.

Choosing the best cash and carry wholesalers can be overwhelming due to the abundance of options in the UK. But, we’ve done all the hard work for you by reviewing and ranking our top 5 cash and carry wholesalers. Read on to learn more!

Who is a Cash and Carry Wholesaler?

A food Cash and Carry wholesaler is an individual who possesses a structure in which they store food commodities. The business might be retail-oriented or it can be a wholesale-oriented operation that distributes directly to other food service firms. A food wholesaler procures in large quantities from farmers, herders, and food manufacturers and then offers them on smaller amounts to vendors.

It is a business that specializes in the sale of food wholesale. They offers a wide range of products to retailers, restaurants, and other foodservice businesses. The term “Cash and Carry” refers to the fact that the wholesaler’s products are sold at a fixed price with no minimum order requirement. They purchase large quantities of food products at low prices, and then sell them to retail stores at higher prices.

Top 5 Cash and Carry Wholesalers in the UK

We have covered the top 5 UK cash and carry wholesalers. It includes key areas of their business like experience in the market and customer service. We have also provided examples of how to contact each one, so you can pick the best for your requirements.

  1. Freshways Click & Collect

A leading “Click & Collect” food service company is Freshways Click & Collect. They take delight in providing their cherished customers with services of the highest caliber. With their innovative “Click & Collect” facility, bring an efficient solution to the customers helping them save their time and money.

To maximise the clients’ commercial proficiency, they provide constant customer service while delivering high-quality foodstuff. They differentiate themselves from the competition with their outstanding “Click & Collect” services, which are simplified to offer unwavering support, premium products, effective pickup locations, and seamless delivery services.

Its three locations in Hanley, Derby, and Coventry are open seven days a week. Its product selection includes items from well-known companies including McCain’s, Lutosa, Coca-Cola, Britvic, KTC, Lamb Weston, and many others.

You can reach them at:


Call on: +44 800 464 7011.

  1. Bestway wholesale

Established in 1976, Bestway Wholesale has evolved to become the UK’s largest independent food and drink wholesaler. It is part of the industrial giant. Bestway Group also has global business interests in Banking, Cement, Pharmacy, Milling and Property Investment.

The recently unveiled BB Foodservice continues to draw attention from caterers and food service operators in the private, public and local authority sectors. Primarily Catering for food service; and Bestpets for pet care. There are now over 1,300 lines in their own label portfolio offering everyday value to customers and shoppers.


With over 25 years of expertise in the cash and carry delivery trade, Prime Cash & Carry was established in 2012. It is a top wholesaler and beverage delivery company strategically located in the heart of Kent and Gillingham. They are among the UK’s most prosperous independent Cash & Carry for delivery.

  1. Booker

With more than 15,000 workers and more than 190 branches and locations, Booker Group Ltd. is widely regarded as the UK’s top food and beverage distributor. Booker Wholesale, Booker Retail Partners, Booker Direct, Classic Drinks, Ritter Courivaud, and Best Food Logistics are all part of the Booker Group. Given the industry’s diversity, it requires a diverse set of skills to deliver the excellent service that customers have come to expect.

  1. Makro

Warehouse clubs, commonly referred to as cash and carry businesses, are sold under the name Makro internationally. The first warehouse club for Makro was created in Amsterdam in 1968. It was owned by SHV Holdings, a Dutch corporation with headquarters in Utrecht, in collaboration with Metro AG of Germany.

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The UK’s wholesalers are fiercely competitive, comparing their prices to some of the best in Europe. The desire for wholesalers to operate in the UK has substantially expanded due to the country’s highly educated and developed economy. By consistently providing the greatest prices on high-quality stock. The top 5 businesses above have all taken advantage of this and made sure they stay in the top 5.

With more than a century of industry experience, these UK wholesalers provide their clients with a vast selection of wholesale goods. Their online shops provide consumers with a simple way to purchase necessities like food and beverages at costs below market value. Buyers can select from a variety of products from some of the listed suppliers based on their own interests.