Types of Web Programming Languages ​​Most Widely Used

Technology is growing day by day. This is evidenced by the number of electronic devices that are present. With the presence of sophisticated technology, now many people are interested in starting to explore and study computer science. Starting from children to adults. One of the materials that need to be learned when studying computer science is knowing the types of programming languages.

There are many types of programming languages ​​that are commonly used by developers to create software or applications. To make certain applications required appropriate programming language. However, in this article, tutorialcomputer.net will provide information about the types of web programming languages ​​most used by developers.

So, what type of web programming language is most used by developers? Check out his review below.

Types of Web Programming Languages ​​Often Used by Developers

Types of Web Programming Languages ​​Most Widely Used
Types of Web Programming Languages ​​Most Widely Used

In the past, the famous programming languages ​​were C and Java. As technology advances, the two languages ​​develop to create new languages. There are several programming languages ​​that are currently developing and are often used by developers. What are the types of programming languages? The following information is summarized from various sources.


The most common type of web programming language used by developers is HTML. We often encounter this type of programming language when creating websites. This is because, most website now use HTML code.

The use of this programming language is quite large on Blogspot. The latest generation of HTML is HTML5 which is now starting to be used by many people.

2. PHP

Just like HTML, PHP is also a type of programming language that people often use to create websites. PHP itself is a more modern language than HTML. This programming code has also used a more humanized command code.

This type of programming language is quite popular among website developers. In addition to the language that is easy to understand, this programming language can also be used for free. Visually, websites that use this programming language are more dynamic and website navigation is also easy.

3. Javascript

Javascript is one type of programming language that is often used by developers to develop a website. This programming language has the advantage that it can make the website look more attractive. Although inferior to HTML and PHP, in fact Javascript is still widely used by the public.

That’s all the information about the type of web programming language that most of the developers use. May be useful.